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Sneezy evening

I got off work at 6…came home..changed into yoga capris and sneaks….picked up Myra and hiked that trail again..asked someone along the trail if the path led right back to the park and sure enough it did…so we kept on going…walked about 50 mins altogether.

Somehow today I managed to get shoulders burnt even though we had rain and the UV was moderate.

Weight was 152.5. Right now I just want to be less than 150.

After our walk we went to Booster Juice….a place that makes very healthy smoothies/sandwiches. I had a Very Berry—Cranberries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and sorbet blended together…..yummmmmm! Other than that I didn’t have supper….not really hungry lately in the evenings and bf and I desperately need to get groceries..which I truly despise doing…grocery shopping!

Michelle….the movie was really funny..I love Adam Sandler so much!!!!

Happy Hump day tomorrow 🙂


Oh forgot to mention thats its a sneezy evening because my allergies are driving me insane…and my sinuses feel like I’ve been smacked across the nose…wonderful!