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great weekend :).

Well had drinks here last night…drank Mike’s hard LIGHT lemonade coolers…only 100 cals each and 4 gms of sugar…they had aspartame though :(..really can’t win! My friend Nadine and her bf (who she’s really iffy about..haha) came over to play Wii/ have drinks…she was sooo sunburnt from being outside yesterday that she didn’t bother w/ the Wii. We’ve really drifted apart since seriously….I am not sure what it is. Perhaps I am being jealous here…..which I am NOT one of those childlish jealous friends..but it seems that whenever we have plans..another friend of hers either tries to get herself involved which i really don’t mind or change whats going on. Nadine wasn’t even at my house last night and the other friend was calling for her….said she was at a wedding and going to a club..wondering if she/we wanted to go. I don’t really like this particular club so I said point blank that I’m not really interested…bf really doesn’t like it either (live band..old music….bunch of cougars trying to find some young men) so its not like I am going to go on out and leave him him home on his…

..Nadine and bf left around 1am to go out to meet up with her..oh well. I just think that this girl is extremely co-dependant on Nadine (there are a lot of examples) and it just pisses me off that we had plans after being so distant and this other girl is calling her before she’s even here to do something else!

Anyways sorry for the rant—weight was 153 this AM…slowly gone up again..probably because once again things are literally not moving….digestive issues again to put it mildly..yay oh yay…..

Have a great Sunday…bf and I are going to see Grown Ups tonight!!