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LAZY Saturday!

Weight was 151 this AM. Tomorrow I’ll weigh in and put it in my ‘Weigh ins” section of my blog.

Today I did absolutely nothing. Bit of laundry..changed bedsheets…bbq’d chicken breast with rice for sup. I couldn’t eat the chicken breast because I’m sure it was fine…like cooked…but I began thinking “what if its not?” I have a HUGE fear of getting food poisoned lol so I threw it out and just ate the rice. blahhhhhhhhhh…waste of calories.

Ate a choc. chip cookie today from Tim’s AND a Big turk chocolate bar. People…how can I stop the sugar cravings?? Or just say no to it???

Just got ahold of Myra…see if she wants to go for a sick of being a lazy bum.

Also just did a set of push ups ( the lazy kind)..15 crunches and some dumbbell exercises. Not much but its a start…lol.

WIsh me luck!


hello all :)

My week of holidays are over and back to work on Monday..Thank GOD for the weekend. I was up early each morning while at Mom’s (Mom’s longtime bf gets up for work at 5:30am) so today after the long 3 hr drive back (which was torturous seeing how my car is a shitbox with no power on hills and the rain was pouring out of the heavens) I was beyond tired. Still can’t nap because bf is making noise and every sound bothers me…lol.

I think i’m developing a bladder infection. Just fun fun stuff. Going to get some cranberry juice and drink a ton of it to see if that helps get rid of it before getting some meds.

Weight when I got back and with clothes on was 153. I ate a SHITLOAD of homemade bread/baked goods throughout the week. Basically one big ass overdose on carbs.

I need to get my shit together. I need to get back on track. I need to start exercising. I need to stop talking about it and just do it.


wishing i could sleep longer!

Hey Everyone…

I was awake at 9am this morning. Just wish I could actually make myself sleep longer…no reason really to be up that early..arghh.

Weight this am was 150.5. Enjoying a half hot chocolate/coffee from Tim Horton’s now. Thinking of going home tomorrow for a few days…by myself or w/ bf. Don’t want to spend a week off doing absolutely nothing.

Have a great day!


Oh..forgot to mention….I have decided that in September I may join back at the gym or do a ladies kickboxing class that is literally 3 minutes from my house. However, Zumba will be restarted in the fall in Paradise…about a 13 minute drive from my house and its two nights a week. I think I’d rather commit to something fully by paying like a membership and just go to Zumba to change things up…not 100% sure yet.

**Michelle…about 4 months ago I was referred to a GI specialist by my dr. because one of my liver enzymes was thru the roof. The specialist tested me for a crap load of stuff including Celiac which thankfully came back negative (however I’ve read that they are not accurate).

update: So after a bm a while ago my weight was 149.5..but this am I woke up to 150.5…do I change it???

i am up :-(.

Hoping to sleep in…couldn’t sleep at all last night….I sleep better alone anywho and bf tosses and turns like a damn rotisserie I got up and went on the couch.

Weight this AM was 151. I think I’m gonna go by Sunday’s weigh in and/or recording it. It’s obvious that my weight is ALL over the place throughout the week..why I have no idea. I’ll start recording them in the weigh in section on my blog.

Going to bfs hometown an hr away today. An old old friend is getting married…we didn’t get an actual invite but just the details fr. him on fb. I have never met this person and honestly would rather not go. I hate meeting a huge crowd of people for the first time and second of all we didn’t get an actual invitation. That is just how bf thinks..not a clue sometimes!

Okay have a great weekend!

Ohh, today is the first day of holidays. Takin’ one week off and another in September. yahooooooooo.


blah blah blah


Here’s some photos from Monday evening. Bf and I drove to Signal Hill ( where some battle took place back in 1762 and Cabot Tower was built…also received first transatlantic wireless signal by Marconi). You can go inside this ‘castle’ and climb a few sets of narrow stairs to get on the top. What a view it is! A pic of me as well!!!

 We also walked around downtown. It was so funny walking on George street sober as a dog and on a Monday night, lol.

Haven’t blogged in a few days..feeling extremely sluggish and just not myself. Between being constipated once again and working at 7:30AM this week I just feel so blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Weight was 151.5 this AM. Haven’t exercised in a few days..a walk on the weekend w/ Myra.

I am seriously considering going without wheat and dairy next week to see if that will help my ‘situation’. Does anyone have ANY ideas for things to eat/ meals to prepare? Dairy I can do easily…the wheat is the issue :(. I love carbs…I love bread/ my high fibre bagels/ ANYTHING w/ wheat. I need to figure out what is going on. I also need to up my water big time. It’s been realllllllly hot here lately so probably dehydrated.


:) :) :) :) why am I so happy?!

Well let’s see….I woke up to a 148.5. HOW I am completely shocked! I admit that I hate horribly yesterday..not a LOT but horribly..I had a donut early AM……Mcds ice cream cone around 4…a bagel around 330….and a cheeseburger/fries around 5…..and when I went for drinks w/ Myra I drank two white russians..that were delish by the way. I am wondering if I gain throughout the week because perhaps I am not eating enough calories???? The constipation doesn’t help as well. I know what I ate yesterday wasn’t healthy but it was probably way more calories than I do on a reg. day. Something to look into……….

Instead of drinking at Myra’s and going downtown dancing we got bf to drop us off around 630pm and we went to that club (remember the one that is like 4 clubs all in one??) and at the Deck…basically a HUGE deck that you can go order booze and food…Myra ordered fish and chips…she wasn’t going to because she is trying to lose weight as well..but i said it’s your meal won’t kill

Alrighty have a great day!


Happy Saturday :-)

After being extremely constipated over the past week I took 4 Senna laxatives last night..and boy I think they cleaned me out. Just weighed myself (after having an iced coffee and donut) and I was 149.5..sometimes going to 149 but landing back on 149.5. Whoo hoo…goodbye shit hello skinny me!

Might be going out for drinks tonight w/ Myra and god knows who else. I asked Nadine a week ago if she wanted to go…she said “ya maybe” (can never commit to anything that has to do w/ me it seems)…so I asked her few days ago and said she was supposed to go to a bachelorette party with that girl who called here  for her..but that girl fell and broke her foot…so now she might go for drinks w/ us. This kinda pisses me off because she says we never do anything but I’m only good enough to do something w/ if she has no other plans….Nadine actually just called while i was in the washroom and no answer when i returned her call. I almost feel like telling her to not bother to come because it seems that my other friend and I are the ‘backup plan’. Just irritates the fuck out of me.

Have a great weekend..I am not gonna let that bother me or ruin my night! Oh tomorrow is Myra’s bday so I got her a Payless Shoes gift card…she is a shoe fanatic along w/ myself.


Happy Friday

God I am soo glad tomorrow is Friday!

Michelle today I was 151.5..sorry! hehe..I am sure I will be higher tomorrow….went out to a restaurant tonight w/ girls from work and ate an enormous burger and simply couldn’t get a healthy salad.

Asking myself past few days….”Do you really want to lose more weight? How can you if you are shoving this shit in you….basically you are what you eat!”

So ya I did really well eating all day long and then went to supper and blew it…I need self control..I went from 230 to 140 and now back at 151…wtf?!

Have a great weekend!


Sneezy evening

I got off work at 6…came home..changed into yoga capris and sneaks….picked up Myra and hiked that trail again..asked someone along the trail if the path led right back to the park and sure enough it did…so we kept on going…walked about 50 mins altogether.

Somehow today I managed to get shoulders burnt even though we had rain and the UV was moderate.

Weight was 152.5. Right now I just want to be less than 150.

After our walk we went to Booster Juice….a place that makes very healthy smoothies/sandwiches. I had a Very Berry—Cranberries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and sorbet blended together…..yummmmmm! Other than that I didn’t have supper….not really hungry lately in the evenings and bf and I desperately need to get groceries..which I truly despise doing…grocery shopping!

Michelle….the movie was really funny..I love Adam Sandler so much!!!!

Happy Hump day tomorrow 🙂


Oh forgot to mention thats its a sneezy evening because my allergies are driving me insane…and my sinuses feel like I’ve been smacked across the nose…wonderful!

great weekend :).

Well had drinks here last night…drank Mike’s hard LIGHT lemonade coolers…only 100 cals each and 4 gms of sugar…they had aspartame though :(..really can’t win! My friend Nadine and her bf (who she’s really iffy about..haha) came over to play Wii/ have drinks…she was sooo sunburnt from being outside yesterday that she didn’t bother w/ the Wii. We’ve really drifted apart since seriously….I am not sure what it is. Perhaps I am being jealous here…..which I am NOT one of those childlish jealous friends..but it seems that whenever we have plans..another friend of hers either tries to get herself involved which i really don’t mind or change whats going on. Nadine wasn’t even at my house last night and the other friend was calling for her….said she was at a wedding and going to a club..wondering if she/we wanted to go. I don’t really like this particular club so I said point blank that I’m not really interested…bf really doesn’t like it either (live band..old music….bunch of cougars trying to find some young men) so its not like I am going to go on out and leave him him home on his…

..Nadine and bf left around 1am to go out to meet up with her..oh well. I just think that this girl is extremely co-dependant on Nadine (there are a lot of examples) and it just pisses me off that we had plans after being so distant and this other girl is calling her before she’s even here to do something else!

Anyways sorry for the rant—weight was 153 this AM…slowly gone up again..probably because once again things are literally not moving….digestive issues again to put it mildly..yay oh yay…..

Have a great Sunday…bf and I are going to see Grown Ups tonight!!


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