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where have i been??

I am here..there.. everywhere…doing a bunch of nothing. Bf is home..I am not eating the best…weight is 152…he thinks I look absolutely fab and didn’t like the bony me at 140…oh well..I did this for me..not him. I feel bloated…like a damn stuffed animal, lol. Still doing the occasional Zumba class…i guess I am still eating too many calories for it to count.

Speaking of Zumba….I had a conference on the weekend and at the end of the day we had a Zumba session….taught by a girl who ‘used’ to work at my gym. boss..the daycare owner approached her and asked if she’d be interested in teaching one night a week for her staff..and she said yes. Owner is now trying to get it together and find out who’s interested. So because that girl is done at my gym..there’s now only ONE Zumba class a week..the one i went to tonight. I dunno why but I cannot ‘take’ to the instructor….i am not sure if its her phony voice annoying the eff out of me or the extremely intense way she does Zumba…don’t get me wrong…I love upbeat fast Zumba but I just can’t take to her. I’ve come to conclusion that if my boss gets this Zumba on the go..and I go to a nearby community to another class I am going to give up my gym membership. (I hate using the machines by myself…paranoia of looking like a fool because I have no idea how to use em).  I have outgrown and am tired of the aquafit..with summer coming around I will just FORCE myself to start walking and jogging.

A coworker and I are thinking of doing a two week challenge against one another. We will have a LIST of allowed and not allowed foods..mainly consisting of sweets. (She is a major chocoholic and I am becoming one…well i’m a carbaholic so I guess that includes damn chocolate). For every time we ‘cheat’ we have to put a dollar in our own jar..and at the end of the two weeks we trade jars. The more she cheats, the more she will have to ‘pay’ me..and vice versa. I think some ‘allowed’ foods will be ‘light’ cool whip, light frozen yogurt, fruit cups..sugar free gum..and some ‘not allowed’ foods would include cookies, bakery muffins, donuts, chocolate ( candy and bars), candy, ice cream, milk shakes ( from take out or made w / full fat ice cream). Does this sound like a great idea??? Maybe this is what I need to get my arse in gear.

Anywho I am off… tired!!!!!!!! Working the 7:30 shift this week.