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Happy Happy Spring!!!

See full size imageOh boy do I ever love Spring! EVERYTHING about it….the smell of fresh air..the sun shining..the melting snow…definitely the melting snow. Winter is so depressing here. The other day bf and I went to get groceries and I wore a thin fleece sweater and I was almost hopping in the parking lot. Yes people..small things amuse me and make me happy!

I haven’t blogged in FOREVER it seems…I really have to blog more and get back on track with everything…When i’m  ‘off track’ i am not blogging. 

This AM i was 152 after eating a granola bar and drinking juice. Tomorrow I’ll weigh myself after waking up and using the washroom and not eating anything before I do. I went to Zumba Thursday night and I amazingly got myself up at 815AM yesterday to go to a 9am Zumba class at my gym. I was thinking of canceling gym membership ($50 a mth) because I’ve sorta lost interest in a lot of classes there ( I go to another drop in Zumba class in another community) and I hate getting out of pool (aquafit) at 9pm. However I think I’m gonna not let myself cancel it in case I get lazier and not do any exercise.Zumba Fitness!!!My bday is in two days and I’m gonna be 28!!! Last year on my bday I reached my ‘ultimate’ goal of 140. I say Ultimate because my original goal was 150 and i kept losing and decided on 140. I think at 140 I was sick looking..told this my many people. A close friend said I looked anorexic :-(. I like 145. I want to get back to that number. So basically in a year since last year I’ve gained back 10 lbs..give or take a few.

Alrighty off to relax for a while…sorta weird headache going on.


3:30 AM…and why am I up you ask?

Well my brother who had said he could pick up my bf calls last night 10pm to say that because his flight is delayed by an HOUR it’s too ‘late’ for him to get him..ummm…Said he has to work at 1pm this afternoon and has to get up at 8AM to move his car to let his gf get out (she has to park behind him). Why she can’t move the cars to let herself out is beyond me. It’s not often I ask or a favour…actually i didn’t ask him to pick up bf…I asked if he was working last night at the airport (works for local airline) so bf could just get a ride home w/ him..he wasn’t but said he didn’t mind going to get him. Nice to know people are always out for themselves. I remember before I had my car, he was going away to work, and wanted me to drive him to the airport in his car and then just park it in my driveway. I was up at 4AM ready to bring him, nervous as HELL because I had just gotten my license and there was snowstorm out..Finally, his flight got cancelled to the next AM and I went out and shovelled entire driveway to be able to park his car..thinking I still had to drop him off..and THEN he calls..had another ride. I wonder WHY I depend on other people when really I’m let down more times than not. My siblings are selfish, inconsiderate and never there to offer a hand. My younger bro (who I’ve had MANY rants about on here before) does nothing but party and waste money while expecting the world to accomodate him and my sister/roommate is currently unemployed and does absolutely NOTHING here to help me out with the apartment (cleaning/buying common things we need). And now my older brother. WONDERFUL!

Anywho I’m up…going to chance it to go get bf..Hope the ‘piece of shit car’ doesn’t break down on the way across town (the city).

oh did i mention I need coffee?


bf/Sex and the city/gossip

Well weight is again still at 149.5 this AM. I haven’t been able to go to Gym/Zumba in a while because my car is acting very bizarre…headlights flickering when car is OFF and no key in ignition. I’m afraid to drive far in case the battery goes dead and i’m broke down in another community.

Bf’s flight gets home tonight!!! It’s delayed over an hour now :(. My brother is picking him up because of my car issues. Sad to say but I think after a while I will start to exercise more when bf is home..why?? I am EXTREMELY independant and like a lot of ‘me’ time. My two bedroom-cramped up apt doesn’t allow for much of that so I found that last year I exercised a lot simply to go out and do that make sense?

So what have I been up to lately? Well few weeks ago friends and I went to see Valentine’s Day and they played a preview for Sex and the City 2. I said oh i’d love to see it but i’ve never seen show. “M” said well you should download and watch ALL the show first and see the first movie. The weekend before last I downloaded the ENTIRE 6 seasons (including alternate endings and farewell to SATC). I am in LOVE. I cannot believe I went all this time not watching it! I spent almost every waking minute (while home) watching SATC. It made me laugh out loud and cry at other times. I have a secret crush on Aidan (in other movies that I’ve seen him in) and Big…oh Big….In the farewell there is a part about how the show is about love and plays an amazing song. I have secretly watched this a zillion times. The weekend past I downloaded the movie SATC and was up til 4AM watching it..watched half and couldn’t stay awake any longer so then watched the ending on Sunday. I love the part when she freaks at him on the street.

Gossip: hehehehe……I curiously looked at the personals on craigslist…it’s very amusing to read the ads there believe me..and NO I am NOT looking, lol. Anywho what should appear..a FATHER from daycare who has an ad and his pic posted! Not getting enough at home..looking for NSA! My jaw DROPPED. Don’t know how I can look at him the same way…always knew he was a little weird but this just takes the cake.

Anywho thats news in my life! Never a dull moment I can assure ya!

Take care chicks!