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on plan

So far today i’ve eaten 21 pts..I CAN eat 22 with the 153 lbs i am..I may have Smart pop later…and NOTHING else.

I have tomorrow ALL planned out and written down. Lunch ready and I will prepare my supper in a while..chicken/ rice/ veggies.

I WILL go to aquafit. I AM ready to get back on track. I don’t want tight pants. I refuse to buy any more clothes until I am back to 145. 8lbs is not a lot to lose but for me it seems like a big amount because I am finding it sooo hard to stay on track.

I will do this..I can do this.

Bf sent me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and a teddy bear. We had a ‘tiff’ Friday night because he is practical and instead of just doing something for me he said, “i was going to send flowers but i know you wanted a spa thing more so go ahead and pick out something that you want to get done,” which pisses me off because I know he’s on the other side of the country but sending a card would mean a lot more than just saying, “hey you said that you’d like something from a spa so go get it”. God forbid if he put a little ‘effort’ into it. Anywho he knew i was disappointed in that and yesterday delivery guy was at the door…lol.

Made this amazing veggie chilli last week and froze 3 containers ( after eating 4 straight meals of No meat..just kidney beans, tomatoes, tons of veggies and spices…even jalepenos…yep baby I like it hot. I am guessing its only 1 pt because of the beans/tomatoes…it can’t be anything more.

Okay I am off! Wish me luck tomorrow :-). Hope all you ladies had a lovely Valentine’s Day.


Is it Friday yet??

I want the weekend to come..just because I want a day of relaxation and doing nothing, nada, zilch. The past two weekends i’ve been ‘flat out’, lol. I have to babysit on Sunday (valentines day 🙁 ). Sucks not having bf here.

Weight was a very stupid 153.5 this AM. I don’t like this one bit!

Went to Zumba tonight….3 girls from work came..yayyy!!!


Sad that the weekend is over already!

Thursday was the Bone Scan. I went to work for 730 am..thinking i’d leave at 915 (appt for injection at 10) and stay off work..hang out at the mall until I go back to hospital for scan around 12 ( receptionist said I would probably only have to wait two hours when I spoke to her initially about the appt). I had this scheduled at work and boss was ok with it..thinking I’d be back to work by 1. We have 3 ‘extra’ staff who work with us in the AM but NO extra staff in the PM (They work at our other locations in the PM). I get the injection and Dr. says to come back for 2:15. Oh shit. I go straight home (upset stomach because of nervousness) and I call work. Boss says well come in to do breaks and then leave again around 115 to get back to hospital. WARNING….TMI coming up.. I am supposed to ‘pee’ before the scan and I think omigod i have to ‘use’ the washroom. Here I am can go DAYS without using and I have to go at the hospital. I NEVER use public washrooms..anywho I found a small washroom at the end of the corridor and I really couldn’t help it.

I told boss scan could take 30-60 mins. She said well if i’m out after 3 not much point coming back ( I was scheduled to be off for 4). I got out of hospital at 2:15 and was going to say heck with it….go on to the mall and NOT go back to work. The very first store I walks into, I see a parent..oh shit. I turned straight around, feeling guilty and walked right out, back to the car…and went to work :S. I felt too bad knowing they’re short staffed/ had to combine groups and I could get told on. Yes our parents are like that…It’s a small daycare and people like to talk.

So anyways the scan is done..just need to wait for results.

On Friday we were hit with a MAJOR MAJOR snowstorm..about 50 centimetres altogether. Our policy is that we NEVER close and we had one child come in. Our boss decided at 1230 to close the all parents to come get the children. We couldn’t get ahold of our parent and were thinking oh no!!! But luckily her work closed as well and she was there 5 mins after we had tried to call her.

Went out to supper last night with friend, M, and another old coworker, J. We also went to see Dear John. LOVED the movie. I’ve read the book and its one of my least favourite Nicholas Sparkes’ books. Oh if you ever pick up a Nicholas Sparkes’ book take a look at him on the cover..he’s if you want to take a short break from reading..can just flip over book and stare in awe..hahahaha. I think I woulda liked a few things different in the movie but overall it was good.

‘M”s best friend had a baby back in Oct…wasn’t due until Jan 23. Mom had a lot of blood pressure issues..had to have surgery and they had to take the baby out. Baby was born less than 2lbs and was okay to come home a few weeks ago!! She is now 7lbs 4oz…A real miracle!  Baby’s daddy planned a surprise baby shower w/ ‘M’ and told Mom that he was taking her to brunch and ‘M’ was babysitting. I followed them over this morning with all the gear in my car..decorations/ presents/ cake etc and parked at the end of the street. ‘M’ called me soon as they left and we got in action…blowing up balloons, stringing streamers, etc. Some of her coworkers and other friends came. Mom had NO idea about the shower and was so surprised!!!!!! It really made her day.

As you can see it’s been a really busy weekend for me! I feel like I haven’t gotten a break at all but it was ‘good’ busy stuff.

I haven’t weighed myself in several days and I seriously don’t know how to get back on track. I have this new addiction to sugar and I have ZERO self control. I really don’t know what to do. I need HELP!!!!!