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I still got my mojo :p

Called out to the gym FIRST thing this AM…and girl on front desk wasn’t sure if Zumba was at 8 or 9. USUALLY the first Saturday of each month its two hrs..8-10. She said she thought it was 2 hrs. Went out to the there 8:05…no instructor..Sat around for a bit then walked around the track a few times. Decided while I was waiting to put my gym membership on hold. Why? Because I realized on the new schedule that was there, that my favourite Zumba instructor is no longer teaching and I despise going to aquafit and getting out of the pool at 9pm…too damp and too cold. I put it on hold until mid March and then I’ll decide if i want to keep it open or close it. I am NOT going to stop exercising. Sandra teaches in a nearby community Tues & Thurs nights. I can sign up for 12 weeks for $100 OR just pay the drop in fee of $5.00 a class. (I plan on signing up because I will be more committed to going and I’ll save $20, lol).

So that is my plan Stan. I just got invited to a friend’s house for supper..she’s making ham and potatoes or something…at the same time, another friend messages me…wanna go to mall and grab supper? Oh well….

Have a great Saturday!