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health problems

And here I was thinking I am ‘healthy’. The liver enzyme is still high…it’s supposed to be under 100 and the first test it was over 700 and the second over 300. Dr said she’d refer me to a GI Specialist…ultrasound on my liver. Again she asked if¬†I had any aches and pains in my bones/ joints…no i don’t…told her I am on my feet all day working and very pains that are making those things impossible. Got a call (thinking it was about my ultrasound) and it was about a scheduled Bone Scan ( thanks Dr. for telling me…sarcasm). I have to go in on Thursday and get the injection and go back in two hours. Basically an xray of my bones. I was researching online ( which i think is the worst thing to do because it just made me worry more) and if the enzyme ALP is high (which I assume is the one of mine that was high) it could mean bone disease or some sort of liver disease. Just what I need. Also read that Bone Scans are used to detect fractures, bone abnormalities, bone cancers and damage to the bones due to fractures or infections. Lovely. I haven’t spoken to bf..just sent him an email about it. He has little faith in the health care system here and will probably get all stressed. ( There was a MAJOR screwup with the health care system here years ago…false mammogram results given to women who later did have breast cancer. Eastern Health ended up being sued..lives lost, etc). I am hoping and really thinking that I don’t have any ‘bone’ issues. Really stressed……….

New washer/dryer getting delivered today so I may not get to Aquafit at 12:30pm. One of my company’s daycares is having a wii/potluck night and I invited myself. Not sure now if I want to go…we had a potluck yesterday and the thought of food is turning me.

Weight was at 151.5 this AM. ūüôĀ


brr i’m so cold!

Went to aquafit yesterday..I called out and they said Heather was filling in for Cathy. I prefer Went out and in walks Cathy..yay. I told her there must be some mix up and the front desk because I was told she wasn’t teaching.

It was great to get back in the pool and Aquafit. Great until in walks my ex bf’s…we said hello and that was about it. So she is right along side me the entire hour of exercise and it was awkward.

Right before Xmas my washer gave out….and gave it away to someone for parts..oh ya believe i had a lovely rant in an earlier blog about that. Yesterday I went out and bought a new washer and dryer set for 599.99…yep a deal. It’s nothing extravangant and doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles. I just want something that washes clothes lol…getting it delivered on Saturday. So then I realized..I have to get RID of the old dryer ( ex gave it to me) so I put an ad online…sell it for $50. Got a call and he came and got it earlier….said at first he wanted to have a look at one someone was selling for $40 and he’d give me a call back..I said “i’ll take 40..its old I just want to get rid of it” Deal..done. Gave away an old dresser today…another ad I had online. Some young couple having a baby came and got it. ALSO sold a Tony Little Gazelle today for $60..yep another ad I had put up. Good riddance to stuff that is in my way..stuff I have no storage for and stuff I don’t use. Feels good to get rid of junk.

For supper I had a cup of whole wheat fettucine with alfredo sauce ( the pack that you mix with milk and margarine..I used skim and becel). I ate half the sauce today and made enough pasta for lunch tomorrow. I didn’t put chicken in it but I sauteed fresh mushroom slices and put steamed broccoli, carrots and cauliflower in it. It was DELISHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I am not usually a lover of alfredo..too rich and sickening..especially at a restaurant. But I loved the packs that you make yourself.

I’ve eaten 18 points today. I am back to eating points again. I will allow myself to eat up to 22 points.

I also went for a 30 minute walk in the FREEZING cold with a coworker…well my boss. Her and her bf breeds Akita dogs and we took one with us…they’re soo cute!!!!

Alrighty i’m off..going to enjoy my 2nd cup of hot cocoa. (Cocoa, hot water..small amt of skim milk, half pk of sweetner and cinnamon sprinkled on top).



Weight down to 149.5 today..that is JUST the motivation I need to go to Aquafit (water aerobics) today at my gym…EVEN though its -11 outside with a -18 windchill..brrrrrrrrrrrrr……….


i need help!!!!!!


Weight is still 150…i don’t like having pants that don’t fit…Yes I never intended to buy size 4’s a long time ago anywho..but I got down to size 4…and loved that size..even size 6. Today I had to wear my size 8 jeans..teeny bit loose..not falling off me like they used to.

I am not stupid. I know the answer to this. I need to workout more and eat less. I need to gain some damn self control and STOP binge eating. I think I am going to take the freeze off my gym account..suck it up and GO to aqua aerobics class…..EVEN if it ends 9 pm in the night and I have to go out in the cold.

I honestly could eat whatever when i worked out a lot. AND no i’m not saying i should workout more just so i can do that. I just hate feeling like I can’t have something simple like a croissant.

Today I went to the grocery store on my lunch break…seen Cadbury Fruit and Nut bars on sale..1.19 for the larger one…of course in the grocery store I tell myself ” oh wow thats such a good price..I’ll only have a few pieces now”..Yah right…….¬†I ate half on my break and the rest of it on my way home. Where is my self control?????? I have developed a damn addiction to sugar that I never had before. Perhaps its because i’m bored…lonely..I dunno. Bf away..sister never home. I just come home..shower..put on flannel pj’s….go online / read and not do much else….

I need help!!!!!!!


Okay so I just got off the phone w/ gym–took membership off hold and payments resume on Friday–for the following two weeks. They’re so nice..said I could come back before problem. I WILL go to aquafit on Saturday to get me back in the swing of things, lol. I love Cathy’s class so I am looking forward to it.

I can go to Zumba Tues and Thurs nights and then Aquafit at the gym on Sat, Sun, Mon, Wed (or zumba at the gym).

Goodbye weight..I don’t need you!

Happy weekend :-)

Sooo glad it’s Friday and its the weekend!

Had bloodwork done before New Year’s to see if i’m…just tired a lot and I had low iron years ago. Got a call from Dr.’s office and she wanted to see me. Two things….b12 really low..70 something when its supposed to be at least 110. Dr. wants me to take 1000 mcg’s a day. Second of all, one of my liver counts was high. Dr. asked me if i drank a lot¬†(alcohol)¬†few days before test and/or if i travelled ‘away’ and may have come in contact with someone with Hepatitis B.¬† Told Dr. that I drank alot on¬†the 18th of Dec and then a few¬†social drinks over Xmas. Those were the first ‘drinks’ i’ve had since the early Fall. Dr. wanted me to get bloodwork done ASAP to get the liver counts retested and if they come back high I will have to get an ultrasound and maybe some other tests…oh mys…..She felt my liver to see if it was swollen and asked if i was in any sort of pain…no and no. Anywho had the bloodwork redone so hopefully all will be fine.

Going out to a movie tomorrow with “M”…perhaps Sherlock Holmes..not much else playing. I stupidly watched “The Lovely Bones” online..yes its leaked…I say stupidly because I bought the book and there are some differences than the movie and I’m finding it really hard to get into…I shoulda waited, read the book first and THEN watched the movie, lol. However the movie was good!

Ooh forgot to mention that I started back up at Zumba. I didn’t pay for the ENTIRE 12 weeks ($100) because I have an appt next tues and if something happens to come up, however I paid $40 for ten classes. All I gotta say is “WHAT A WORKOUT!” can’t believe how much I missed it. I haven’t weighed myself in a few days and really don’t feel like it. Probably will weigh myself tomorrow and then after that hold off until every Saturday morning to weigh.

Have a great weekend! :-).



That means F*&^ my life..for those of you who don’t know. Men are idiots and they just don’t listen. NO I am not ranting about my bf. Few weeks ago my washer gave out..I put an ad online saying if you want it for parts..come and take it…free..just get it out of here…anywho this guy calls last week…I told him I CANNOT lift the damn washer…I get massage therapy now because my shoulder and lower back bothers me..comes with lifting so many children I guess…i am in a basement apt..he will need to bring someone with him…There is an instep out of my laundry room..and out of my apt..then 5 steps once you’re outside. He calls tonight..drops by…by HIMSELF..with a wheely cart.

He then tells me that the All season tires for my car that I keep in the laundry room are in the way..stands around to watch me move them..and they’re on rims….Then of course I have to help him get it out of the house..up the 5 stairs..him pushing and me pulling the damn cart…I tore the skin off the top of my hand. I then help him put it in his truck. At that point he goes..oh want me to come back in and help you with your stuff and tires…ummmm no didn’t help me in the first place..think I am more than capable now. I told him “hope the washer works out for you..please don’t bring it back”.

Comes home this evening from work..and a message from my co dependant brother who only messages/calls when he wants something. He recently moved in with a new gf..yes after dating her for a week or so. They’re lookin for a new place to rent and wanted to know if they find a place for Feb 1st could they stay with me. Um..NO. If you’ve read my blogs from before you’ll he is irresponsible..always bumming $$…into drugs and drinking heavily.

Anyways aside from my rant i weighed 150.5 again this AM. I did so well yesterday with my points so I have no idea why.

I made two servings of mac n cheese for supper. Skim milk, whole wheat pasta and light cheese. To add a little pizazz to it I added chopped banana peppers and some crunched up tomato flavoured crackers. I’ll have the 2nd serving for supper tomorrow night. I get off work at 6 and babysit at 6:30..just take my supper with me.

Alright I am off for now :). Hope your evening is much better than mine :p


so full!

Craving burgers and fries lately…so instead I made a veggie burger…Yves brand..only 120 calories and 3.5 gms of fat. I ate it on a multigrain english only 4 points total. I then made sweet potatoe fries in the oven….so only 7 points total and I am beyond full and happy that I didn’t give in to getting takeout.

Doing good so far today…My weight was down to 149.5 this down one lb since yesterday..thank God..and I’ve only eaten 18 points. I am going to try to stick to 20-22 points a day. It says in the book that under 150 lbs I have to eat 20..I will NOT be strict with the 20 and will let myself eat 22.


Back to life, back to reality……

Yes tomorrow it’s back to reality alright..all of the kids at work ( i work at a daycare) will be back…I am sure my head will be spinning by 1pm and I will be popping Advil like an addict..ok just kidding..sort of.

Today I woke up really early..dreamed that M, a gf of mine was dating this guy and didn’t tell her family…we were all in church (like I ever go to church unless someone is getting married or has died) and suddenly he shows up and is playing piano…I accidently blurt out, “Oh thats the guy M is dating” to her family..and was¬†afraid¬†she’d be pissed at me¬†because I told them…how effin odd is that dream? M is very private and keeps her relationships very private..heck I didn’t even MEET the last guy she dated…and she dated him for several months. Anywho..fell back to sleep and then woke up at 12:27pm. I have NO idea where this tiredness is coming from..or this need for sleep. Perhaps my iron is low..I had bloodwork done last Thurs so hopefully I’ll have the results back soon.

Found the movie, “The Lovely Bones” online..yes it’s somehow leaked out BEFORE its even in theatres…it was really good. A friend of M invited both M and myself over to play Scrabble this evening. M and I went to bookstore and I picked up Scrabble dictionary and the book, “the lovely bones”.

Bf’s mom said its her absolute favorite book…can’t wait to start reading it! I know I should’ve watched the movie after the book. M and I went to supper before going to her friends house. Went to a restaurant called “Klondyke Jakes” in the mall. I had a grilled chicken panini and caesar salad.

I think I am going to start counting points again. I THINK I can have up to 22 points..I have no idea. If any of you are into the points thing could you please let me know? I am now 150lbs..and 5’6”. According to my old book I THINK i’m 22 pts…I’ll have to check it out tomorrow. I don’t have time to count calories and to use the daily plate or anything that involves looking up different foods..finding the calories…its too nitty gritty. Points are a little easier.

Alrighty off to bed…after I read a little ūüėõ


I still got my mojo :p

Called out to the gym FIRST thing this AM…and girl on front desk wasn’t sure if Zumba was at 8 or 9. USUALLY the first Saturday of each month its two hrs..8-10. She said she thought it was 2 hrs. Went out to the there 8:05…no instructor..Sat around for a bit then walked around the track a few times. Decided while I was waiting to put my gym membership on hold. Why? Because I realized on the new schedule that was there, that my favourite Zumba instructor is no longer teaching and I despise going to aquafit and getting out of the pool at 9pm…too damp and too cold. I put it on hold until mid March and then I’ll decide if i want to keep it open or close it. I am NOT going to stop exercising. Sandra teaches in a nearby community Tues & Thurs nights. I can sign up for 12 weeks for $100 OR just pay the drop in fee of $5.00 a class. (I plan on signing up because I will be more committed to going and I’ll save $20, lol).

So that is my plan Stan. I just got invited to a friend’s house for supper..she’s making ham and potatoes or something…at the same time, another friend messages me…wanna go to mall and grab supper? Oh well….

Have a great Saturday!


Happy New Year to you..Happy New Year to you…

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Happy New Year dear youuu..Happy new Year to you!

My New Year’s Eve was very relaxing. I wore my fleece pants and hoodie and NO makeup to a friend’s house. We played Scrabble Slam (new card game she got for xmas) and my regular Scrabble game. We then watched “The Blind Side” ( A parent at work..whom i babysit for..downloaded it and burned me a copy). We ate lots of food..not all bad though..Ok so the food I brought to her house was this cheese dip..loaded in fat, with these cheese bread sticks. She made a homemade ranch dip with light mayo and sour cream to go with some baby carrots and broccoli. She also made a light nacho dip with multigrain Tostitos.

Another gf calls me at 5pm …asking me if i wanted to go out with her and another gf to a club last night. The clubs nickname is Triple D’s….why you ask? Because most of the people there are divorced..diseased and…haha..I am sure its not true but thats the nickname. Second of all most of the people that go there are much older…40’s and 50’s and they always have live bands playing…older stuff like CCR etc..Live bands are not fun. Found out today that the girls went ahead and got their tickets yesterday early afternoon…but didn’t bother to call me see if i wanted really I could’ve went out to the club with them and not even gotten in. Thanks but no thanks. Told them I was going to M’s for relaxation. M was invited too but the last few times she’s went out and had¬†drinks she fainted ..she has no idea why.

Weight yesterday was 150. I am ready to get back on the wagon and get back down to 142-144. I liked that weight. At 140 I found that I was too boney. Yes 150 is not bad either..and that was my original goal, when I began at 230…however a LOT of my pants are really snug…some not doing up..*gasps* and I will NOT buy more clothes after I had to get rid of my entire old wardrobe and buy all new stuff when I initially lost all of the weight.

I am going to get up bright and early tomorrow and go to Zumba. Most of the reason why I’ve gained weight is because I haven’t moved my butt in almost a month…hanging my head in shame.

Do I want to gain all of that disgusting and nasty weight back?? That’s what I’ve been asking myself. Of course the answer is NO. I know that that is whats going to happen if I just let everything slide and I sit on my ass.

I am going to hold myself accountable here, right now. I will blog again tomorrow to let you all know that I DID go workout, lol.