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long time no blog

A LOT has been going on and NOT going on since my last blog. I THINK i was going away during the last blog or i was away. Hmm….ok so first of all..went on vacay to Edmonton for 4.5 very busy but fun days with boyfriend. Did lots of shopping and think I went to about a zillion malls. I cannot believe I was literally ‘shopped’ out. Bf gave me xmas presents up there….dance dance revolution…diamond bracelet..which is beautiful…movies…bought all my clothes for me and new jacket. His mom gave me a really nice purse..similar to Guess but i don’t think its an actual one…fancy gloves and a scarf.

My car went into the garage 1.5 weeks before i went away and i didn’t get it until 4 days after I was home. Needed something fixed on transmission….leaking some fluid…and he ‘cleaned the throttle’ because it was idling really low..whatever that means. Then when I go to pick it up…it wouldn’t start………he said it desperately needed new plugs and wires…I knew this all along because sometimes my car would stall out if it was cold in the AM’s. So $450 dollars later I get my car back…knock on wood everything seems fine.

I have NOT been on track with eating..I haven’t been to the gym or ANY exercise class in about a month. I am ashamed to say that. I am up to 148…I really like 142-144. So not a LOT to lose..I just need to get my ass in gear and start working out. I think i’ve turned myself from chocolates and sweets altogether.

Went home for xmas…ate so many homemade cookies its not even funny. Went to gf’s house last night…brought a thin crust chicken pizza for us..she has to run out and I stay with her daughter..comes back and they decide to order a pizza. I am proud to say I didn’t eat their pizza…just my own…and a few of their garlic fingers.

Santa was good to me but I missed not having bf home with me….First Xmas not together. He stayed at his parent’s house and spent xmas with them and his sis. He said he won’t be doing that again. His sis has major drug problems and is FULL of drama.

Anyways I am so hungry..barely ate today. Gone to get some food and cut up my celery and bag it. I am ready to get back on track. Christmas is over and I need to get back on the wagon. I don’t want to get to 150…150 leads to 155….155 to all know how it goes.

Merry Christmas chickies!