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I’m a genius..a f*&^%$# genius!

I gave up using Itunes for my ipod a long time ago…too time consuming..yada yada…so started using Floola…it was perfect..up until a few days ago..couldn’t get any songs to go on my ipod..this was really buggin me coz I wanted to take my ipod with me on my trip and I wanted a lot of my new songs on it.

Reinstalled Itunes and it was a no go..wouldn’t sync…said hell with it…restored ipod..deleted the floola….and voila..synced perfectly! I am guessin either the Floola or a song put some bug on my ipod..i’m zuuber excited!

Went to girl’s night at “M”‘s . We played Scrabble..(which I won..hehe), Scattergories and Bullshit ( How to lose a guy in 10 days, lol) Ate too many treats..”M” had strawberries, pretzels and a chocolate fondue…loveeeeeeeeee.

My other friend’s “J” and “N” went out clubbing afterwards..not sure how that went. I have come to realize that perhaps I should just spend more time with the friends who aren’t out for themselves..such as “M” and stop letting myself get so disappointed over other shit. My friend “N” said to “M” on msn last night…oh “wish i was time” which is absolute bullshit..she was invited…this was a week ago…you just couldn’t make up your goddamn why wish you were there???? I don’t get it!

Anyways only 4 more days til I go away!!! I’m listening to Ipod as we speak….so excited because I love my new playlist of upbeat songs..a LOT of Pitbull!

Here’s my playlist:

1) Fire burnin’ – Sean Kingston

2) Take you there – Sean Kingston

3)So Fine-Sean Paul

4) Pam Pam -Wisen y Yandel (zumba song…reggaeton..lovesss it!)

5) Sexy movimiento -wisen y yandel (just found this song while looking for their music)

6) Right Now (na na na)-Akon (seen him in concert this past summer…gorgeous chocolate!)

7) Keep you much longer- Akon

8) Na de na- Angel y khriz (another zumba song)

9). Against the grain- Akon

10) I’m so paid- Akon ……….lovesssssssssss!

11) All I ever wanted- basshunter

12) boom boom pow- Black eyed peas

13)Imma be- Black eyed peas

14) I gotta  feeling- Black eyed peas

15) evacuate the dancefloor-cascada

16) shooting star-david rush

17) move shake drop-DJ laz

18) calabria- Enur ft.Natasja

19) be faithful-fatman scoop

20)Feel It- Tpain/Sean Paul

21)In the ayer- Flo Rida

22) you can do it-ice cube

23)Life of a soldier – Ill scarlet

24) Turn me on-kevin little (remix0

25)Knock you down- Keri Hilson

26) Dirty Mary- lady bouncer

27)Bad Romance-Lady Gaga

28) Just dance- Lada gaga

29)Superstar- Lupe Fiasco

30) 4 Minutes- Madonna/Justin

31)Shake It-metro station

32) Hit me with your best shot- Pat Benatar

33) Get the party started- Pink feat Redman

34) I know you want me- Pitbull

35) Shut it down- Pitbull feat Akon (loveee!)

36) Hotel room service -Pitbull

37) Krazy-Pitbull

38) Beautiful- Akon


40) Single ladies- Beyonce

41) Turnin’ Me on’ Keri Hilson-Lil wayne

42) I’m in Miami Trick-Pitbull

43) Sexy Bitch- David Guetta/Akon

44)Damaged- Danity Kane

And thats it so you can see I have a slight obsession with Akon and

Have a great day!


7 more days!

Seven more days and I will be just finished an 11 hour flight to Edmonton…is it worth it for four nights?? Um timewise not really but to spend time w/ yah!! and to get to go to the worlds largest mall…West Edmonton Mall!!

I havent’ exercised in almost two weeks….my car has been in the garage since Tuesday past ( really no excuse to me being lazy)…leaking something and I was finding that when I came to a stop at a red light and went to drive again my RPM’s would go up but not my speed….sister’s bf is an apprentice mechanic and took it for a drive..said it feels like the transmission is slipping…so of course i was freaking out and worrying over this…Of course worrying is what i do best. Called a mechanic with a good reputation and he said he probably couldn’t work on it until Friday (tomorrow)..I asked him if i could drop it off on Tuesday and leave it there until tomorrow or if he could have a look at it as soon as possible he would. He still hasn’t called..I’ll call tomorrow and see. I told him I’m going out of town next week and it has to be done

My friend “M” is having a ‘girls night’ Saturday night. PJ’s and boardgames..Yay!!!

Another friend “J” works night shift at a manager and barely EVER gets anytime off..and when she does she ONLY wants to go out for drinks…not to hang out..not to watch movies….not to go for coffee…and very seldom she’ll go for supper. Of course her being single she’s always on the ‘man hunt’ as I like to call it.

“J” and I have been friends since Junior High and she moved away in grade 9 (we’ve always kept in touch). She moved back here and to the city and she didn’t have any friends here..we started hanging out. 

Honestly WHY we’re still friends is beyond me. She moved into her own apartment about 6 months ago and has NEVER invited me or other friends over..yet has slept here and at another friends out quite a few times. I was talking to her the other night and she said she might see if “N” ( a friend she met through me) wants to go out for drinks…I was like..oh….well thanks a f*&^%$# lot….don’t bother to see if I want to go out. Then I realized…i’m not single. When she goes out w/ “N” she acts completely different around guys…like seriously hitting on them….etc..stuff she really wouldn’t do if I was there..well I maybe she I jokingly said  “well thanks for seeing if I wanted to go, lol” She thought I “wouldn’t want to go”….yet we’ve partied a zillion times since she’s moved back. I went on to say that I cannot anyways because i’m babysitting and going to “M”‘s girlsnight”.

“J” was also invited to girl’s night but it’s obviously not good enough for her. Not going to be any single men there that she could try to go home with. Yes i know i’m going on and on but I keep a lot of stuff in and this  bothers the shit out of me. For the last two yrs we’ve all partied together..the girls..but she basically said she was going to see if a friend she met thru me wanted to go out….but not me. Apparently I’m not fun anymore..hahahaha.

I need some new friends. My friend “M” is the only one that I truly get along with I think..and doesn’t get on like an ass.

Anyways all that shit to the weight is 146.5 still. A few people have said that I look a lot ‘healthier’ with a few lbs back on…hmm I dunno about this..


no desire to exercise..and going to Edmonton!

Yes I still have little desire to exercise..Zumba is still cancelled in Paradise (using the facility as a vaccination centre) and I DESPISE going out in the damp, cold weather at 8pm to get in the pool. I really have little interest in exercising altogether. I think I’m going through some sort of slump.

Bf is NOT coming home for xmas..not sure if i mentioned that before ( he works in Alberta ) so I have decided to fly to Edmonton on the 3rd of Dec and leave on the 7th. I got permission fr. my boss to take time off, thankfully they’re so easy going. I got a really great price on flights…$693 to / from. I ‘ve never been to Edmonton before and it has the worlds largest mall…West Edmonton Mall…that has a hotel in it..waterpark…roller coaster..gonna be awesome! I’ll be exhausted flying across the country…oh well..suck it up!

Alrighty i think i’m gonna take off…..this blog just reminds me of how off track I am lately :-(.

So blah lately!

I am feeling beyond blah lately…..eating a lot better how ever in no mood whatsoever to exercise. Do I have early winter blues? First of all…I started going to another zumba class (taught my my fave instructor at my gym) at another location but that is all called off now because the Centre that it’s held as is closed til the end of November..being used as a vaccine centre for the H1N1 shots. I am still on two minds about getting the shot…I am wondering how much different is it from the regular flu shot. Two yrs ago I had a really bad cold..had to get puffers because of my allergies and my Dr. recommended me getting the flu shot. I also got the flu shot last yr. The last two colds I’ve had I had to get puffers for both. This is the part that makes me think I should get it. I also know that I had the asthma symptoms when my weight was higher. I haven’t had a cold or asthma symptoms since losing weight ( although I’ve caught stomach flu  twice :-(. ). What do you guys think I should do?

I’ve been a little down in the past week..even crying one night over stupid stuff. Okay I guess it’s not so stupid if i’m crying. Bf and I hardly talk while he’s away..we usually talk via facebook/ computer or phone calls made on the computer. If his connection is bad we will not talk. Went two nights without talking this week and I was a bit sad. Another thing is my best friend. The one who i blogged about such a long time ago who didn’t want to workout with me but would go on with other friends.

She and a friend of ours ‘K’..mostly hers.. started going to Zumba a few weeks ago..and were really getting into it. I went with them a few times….The three of us.. ‘K’ and I decided to take turns driving car or carpool ( best friend doesn’t drive) seeing how I have to literally drive by her house to go to the class. Anyways the class is Tues/Thurs night. Last Tues I called answer..assumed she wasn’t going….7:10pm she messages me on MSN…she says ” oh I’ve been waiting here for ‘K’ but she didn’t show up to go to Zumba” I said “ya it was supposed to start at 7..but the building is closed for vaccines” and I jokingly said “oh thanks for seeing if i wanted to go” (She hadn’t called/messaged to see if i was going). She replies “oh i had assumed we were all going together..I was at my sister’s and K said she had called while i was up there to say she isn’t going but I wasn’t home.” But what I don’t get is that she assumes we’re going together…………..but doesn’t even talk to me at all to see if i’m going???? She knows ‘K’ and I are not that close..maybe talk via Facebook but not calling, etc. I know this all sounds so childlish but this really bothers me. Another thing…we had planned last weekend to go out for supper on Sunday..Her, myself and whomever wanted to go out of the bunch of friends. I slept at her house Sat night. ‘K’ calls her 10 am Sun to see if she wanted to go to Costco with her. First she declined..we were just eating breakfast. ‘K’ calls again around 11 saying she didn’t go yet..if bf wanted to go she still could. I was there at her house..visiting and wasn’t invited! I was flabbergasted. Anyways I just made some lame ass excuse like I had errands to run and came on home. Anyways she is out the entire day shopping and calls me that afternoon….”oh so tired and back is hurting that she doesn’t think she will out for supper”…but if ‘M’ the third and other friend had backed out she’d go because she’d feel bad and know how much I was looking forward to it.

Am I being childlish??? In a way I feel I am..however I also think that my friendship with her means a lot more to me than her. I don’t back out on friends and I don’t let them down. I do more than enough for my friends. I am starting to realize what a pushover I am and how foolish I can be.

We’re having a staff party Sat night. ‘M’ invited us to stay at her house ( “M” works for the same daycare company..different locations..used to work with myself but transferred) and get a cab so we can have a few drinks. I invited bf…let’s see what excuse she makes up now.


Oh and forgot to mention that my 325lb (at LEAST) coworker was giggling at me dancing with the children because my little belly was jiggling…I am 145 lbs! I said “that’s what happens when you lose 90lbs and you have a bit of extra skin” her response was ” umm ya thats what they have plastic surgery for”. My friend ‘M’ who has worked with this person and cannot stand her for many reasones said I should’ve said “Ya I can fix all of those things but they can’t fix stupid” I need to get my bitch on more.