Serious Chocoholic

Ok folks..I have a problem..Just realized today what an obsession/addiction I have with chocolate…I always have had one but it’s getting out of control! Let’s be honest I’ve eaten TWO 100 cal chocolate bars and an entire box of chocolate covered almonds ( a coworker was selling them for her daughter) and a few chocolate macaroons. This is nuts! I kept saying to myself “oh i’m going to Aquafit tonight and the instructor is the best..she always works me so hard so I can have the chocolate” Ya ………….how stupid..a FEW chocolates but no I had to go insane with it all.

Anyways, came home from work ate supper and then took a little nap..woke up 730..had to scramble to get ready for the gym..I had the Crazy fit vibration machine booked for 745 and Aquafit began at 8. I’m approx 7 minutes from my gym so I didn’t have much time and didn’t make it to the vibration machine..oh well.

I did bust my butt in the pool..Kind of proud to say that Mary, the instructor ALWAYS points out to the class how much I’m pushing myself..or how red in the face I am..or how much I love cardio. Sometimes it’s embaressing but oh well it feels good. Sometimes I can feel her watching me as if I’m her guinea pig and she’s testing me to push myself further. A few weeks ago a girl in the changeroom asked me if I was the class instructor…lol. Perhaps because I was wearing a Speedo suit or because she was new…Then I thought..hmm…do I look ‘fit’?? or like I could be an instructor??

Ok so I am in love with Autumn. I’ve started decorating my classroom already with Fall and Halloween decorations. I also painted pumpkins on my window and a huge tree with different colors of leaves on it..some falling and some on the ‘ground’. The kids were so excited. I also brought out some red/brown and orange construction paper and the children got to collect leaves and sort them on the sheets of paper and then stick them on…I then put the leaves in our science area.

Alrighty I’m beat to a snot…off to bed for me!

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