Tomorrow’s Thursday…the day BEFORE Friday…

Pretty bad when I look forward to Thursday….so I can say..”Yay, tomorrow is Friday!”

I slept SOOOO good last night it’s unbelievable. I didn’t even hear bf get home and into bed…which is very unusual….the SLIGHTEST sounds wakes me up. I think it’s because I took my allergy medicine before bed..knocked me out cold..whoo hoo….think I might stick to it.

Thanks Vicki for commenting on yesterday’s blog and cheering me up a little. All of my clothes DOES fit..except that my pants..size 4 are a little snug..and I don’t feel that comfortable anymore…I’ve noticed that my sizeĀ 8’s are not as loose. Oh well..I know I work my butt off with exercise and that I am gaining a lot more muscle…that is the main thing.

Weight this AM kept going between 147.5 and 148. I can’t expect my weight to stay on the same number forever..impossible…and I cannot obsess about it and let it ruin my day. It’s also not that healthy to weigh myself EVERY morning to look for a change. Should go back to just the Friday AM’s.

Bf wanted takeout for supper…and I refused..Yay..going to Zumba in less than an hour and I ate enough junk last week….and am paying for it. He’s gone to get it for himself…perhaps KFC or some garbage. I’ll go workout and eat something later.

Toodles Noodles!


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  1. round on September 23rd, 2009

    I think if you weigh daily (I do) you have to take the variations w a grain of salt (because that’s largely what causes them) and look more at the overall trend.

    I get on the scale daily but only record Monday. I confess that if Monday is higher than Sunday I might wait to see what Tuesday says and put that instead, but I really try to see the daily numbers as a trend and as training for maintenance.

    When you hit your target weight (and you are SO CLOSE, good for you!) the daily scale will give you indications of when to tighten up your routine and get back to basics — they say the most successful maintainers keep their weight in a + or – 2 pound range. You go up 3 from the “target” and you go into action mode. That way 3 doesnt become 30.

    You’ve done incredbily well and are a real inspiration — keep it up!

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