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Tomorrow’s Thursday…the day BEFORE Friday…

Pretty bad when I look forward to Thursday….so I can say..”Yay, tomorrow is Friday!”

I slept SOOOO good last night it’s unbelievable. I didn’t even hear bf get home and into bed…which is very unusual….the SLIGHTEST sounds wakes me up. I think it’s because I took my allergy medicine before bed..knocked me out cold..whoo hoo….think I might stick to it.

Thanks Vicki for commenting on yesterday’s blog and cheering me up a little. All of my clothes DOES fit..except that my pants..size 4 are a little snug..and I don’t feel that comfortable anymore…I’ve noticed that my sizeĀ 8’s are not as loose. Oh well..I know I work my butt off with exercise and that I am gaining a lot more muscle…that is the main thing.

Weight this AM kept going between 147.5 and 148. I can’t expect my weight to stay on the same number forever..impossible…and I cannot obsess about it and let it ruin my day. It’s also not that healthy to weigh myself EVERY morning to look for a change. Should go back to just the Friday AM’s.

Bf wanted takeout for supper…and I refused..Yay..going to Zumba in less than an hour and I ate enough junk last week….and am paying for it. He’s gone to get it for himself…perhaps KFC or some garbage. I’ll go workout and eat something later.

Toodles Noodles!