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“Somebody call 911…shawty fire burnin on the dance floor..whoaa”

God I love that song!!! (We always do it in our Zumba warm up..along with a little Pitbull)..that music puts me in a good mood.

Yesterday’s outdoor 2 hr Zumba party at my gym was cancelled..due to weather… was fine..rained later in the evening..I honestly think its coz there were two back to back Zumba parties goin on this weekend..and the instructors were helpin each other out. So instead I went to yesterday’s aqua aerobics class and today’s two hour Zumba fundraiser for Breast Cancer. There were a LOT of people there and everyone had such a good time. I danced for the ENTIRE two hours..didn’t even take a pee My knee started to bother me towards the end of it..not sure what’s going on with that.

My weight this AM was still 147…I’m not sure if its coz A) I ‘ve just slacked off on being so strict with the eating or B) more muscles from that vibration machine at the gym..a few weeks ago before I started doing it I was back down to 144-145. I’d honestly love to be back to 142. I know its only a few lbs but I can feel it.

Speaking of muscles and getting toned..I had my 4th treatment from my massage therapist Friday night ( what a way to start the weekend ) and I asked if she had seen any improvement in my back. She said that it seems much more toned. I think I can thank the vibration machine for that…there’s one move where I sit facing away from the machine..arms on the pad of it and I hold myself up off the floor. 

Off to watch a movie w/ my bf..he’s still not gone…and drink my green tea :-).

Have a wonderful week sister chicks!


** Michelle, Zumba is AWESOME..especially if you love dancing like I It’s so much fun that its not even like a workout. Hope you’re feeling better soon!!!