happy Saturday!

Oh its such a nice day here…Mr. Sun is shining and its a beautiful Fall day…might as well say Summer is done and over with..lol.

Proud to say that I got up at 8..and went to a 9AM Zumba class at my gym. Next weekend there’s a 2 hr Zumba thingy going on at my gym…outdoors in the parking lot….trying to promote it I guess! And on Sunday there’s another 2 Hr Zumba party taking place at a community centre ( by my instructors)….It costs $10 and all funds go to Breast Cancer research!! I don’t think i’ll do both the two hour Zumba parties…hmmm…..

Bf got an email for a job away in Alberta the other night. They gave him two dates….either the 15th or 29th of Sept to start work again. The company will NOT be paying his airfare to/from Newfoundland and Alberta this time….which means he’ll be gone for a few mths. :-(. He used to work 21 days on and 7 off. This time its 10 days on and 4 off ( he’ll stay with his parents while he’s away).  He may be home for Xmas..maybe not. I will find it quite lonely around here I think……..My sister is NEVER home anymore…..always at her bf’s…she is off work on stress leave and cannot make up her mind about staying in here or moving home with mom for a while…3.5 hrs away…..oh dearrrrrrrrrrrr…

Have a great day! I THINK i’m going to a girls night tonight…just have some snacks and play games. I wasn’t gonna go if bf found out he had to leave in the next few days….but he hasn’t heard anything so i’m gonna go on out.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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  1. mismichelle on September 20th, 2009

    angela! thanks so much for the comment =) it’s nice to find someone in (almost) the same position as I am…I hate losing weight once you’ve already lost it once! (how did it find me..???) ;o) i love that you do zumba..i have been trying to find some good group exercise classes around me but haven’t found anything yet =( i’ve been so sick lately though, i haven’t even been thinking about working out…

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