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awesome funny video

This video is hilarious…and the boy has wicked ass dance moves! If I had only HALF of his energy and moves…holy moly.

Weight this AM was 146..its either 144 or 146..bounces back and forth, back and forth..and honestly its getting annoying. I need to STOP weighing myself each AM and just once a week. Like i USED to do…back in the day when I was actually putting a lot of effort into the weightloss. Now i’m maintaining and care only half as much…why is that??? It’s not a good thing at all.

Last night I made some blueberry apple jam…just a small ‘trial’ batch and brought it to the daycare this morning. The ones who would try it..loved it..some didn’t want to touch Also delivered my cool whip container of blueberries to my friend, M.

Went to 1/2 and 1/2 tonight….in the pool at the gym..half cardio and half toning. By the end of the toning part I was frozen! Long hot shower afterwards!

So happy tomorrow is Wednesday….the children who are going to Kindergarten move to the KG room tomorrow ( i’m with the preschoolers ) and I’ m so happy…It’s probably horrible for me to say it but some of the kids I have literally DRAIN me of every last bit of mental energy….will be nice to get a bunch of new children. I jokingly told a parent that a lot of KG teachers will find themselves at the mental hospital by