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Happy Long weekend!

Oh my gawd i love long weekends sooo much! No work tomorrow–Labour Day! whoo hooo. I think we should get more than one Labour Day a year..perhaps one every six months…lol.

My grandmother is in visiting..staying at my great aunt’s ( who happens to be such a lovely person…I just mentioned going to Zeller’s to have a look for a new comforter set and she had a nice one that she gave me….to save me some money) I don’t think I would’ve picked it out myself…flowery on one side and stripes on the…I’ll use the stripe side…lol. Anywho my grandmother ( we call her Nan) is 80 years old….has arthritis most as keen as I dunno what….her mind is so strong and I took her to the shopping mall and had a little look around. I found a brown camisole ( brown lace on the bottom and top) for $5.00..I’m STILL amazed with how cheap smaller clothes is!

Before the mall we went to a used clothing store ( directly across from the mall) and I found a just above the knee length jean skirt..really nice for work. Just put together an outfit in my head…jean soft burnt orange sweater and brown camisole in under…SWEET.

Although it’s a long weekend and as much as i’d like to sit home and relax…..I am going to Zumba class. I am so excited about the new Fall schedule for my gym…well semi. Sunday night’s class is going to be changed to Saturday (9-10 AM)…Now this is a little early…HOWEVER on the first Saturday of each month its going to be from 8-10…and called Zumba Challenge!!!! My fave instructor who is Columbian is teaching it..she’s full on energy! She told me that the last time she visited Columbia…approx 5 yrs ago…they did Zumba Saturday and Sundays from 9-12! INSANEEEEEEEEEEE but awesome! The only thing I wish I could change is the time…8 am….my first day off of the week…I think I’ll have to force myself to get up. I know I’ll regret not doing it.

There is another 2 hr Zumba event going to be held on the 20th of Sept….my other zumba instructor is teaching it…the one who isn’t as energetic as theĀ one from Columbia. However the money, $10 is in aid of breast cancer…which is a great cause..and there are going to be a few prizes.

Gosh i have a lot to say today…I haven’t blogged in a while.

Oh weight this AM was 144 AFTER drinking a cup of coffee…and me being awake or a i’m not sure what my weight was when i got up.

Last Xmas bf bought me a pair of ‘skinny’ jeans and i tried them on the other day and they seem tighter in the calves. I am wondering if its more muscle. I am not bragging but they are rock solid.

Thursday past I did a 20/20/20 class at the gym (20 step, toning with weights and abs). Thank GOD i had a massage booked on Friday evening…I was unbelievably sore in the chest, arms and shoulders. I took 2 Epsom salt baths since then. I also have another one hour massage booked for tomorrow.( My massage therapist is still building her clientele and decided to work tomorrow…..woot woot.) I discovered a month ago that my Blue cross medical thru work covers up to 400 a calendar year for massage therapy…..which means I really really could get a whole whack of massages up until December. This is my third one tomorrow…..ahh great way to start and end a long weekend.

Alright I’m off to get ready for Zumba…YAY…

oh forgot to mention i have my hair cut off…yes short…I almost cried in the chair..wondering if i blogged about this already..anyways its really short….I hadn’t intended it to be THIS short.the stylist is a complete idiot…….but i’m getting used to it..trying to think more split more headaches…low maintenance….easier to straighten..etc…

Have a great long weekend everyone!