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I’ve always had major sinus issues and allergies…well for the past 4-5 years. Allergies have been acting up a lot lately but wondering now if i’m developing some sort of sinus infection or cold. Major sinus pain going on and runny nose. EVEN after I take allergy pills i still have a runny nose..grosssss. I feel like I’ve been hit in the nose/face by a baseball…lol…ok so not really that funny.

I’ve worked out at the gym for the past 3 days. I got off work today at 5:30 and picked up bf and got groceries. By the time I got home it was quarter to seven and I still hadn’t had supper..which ended up being a caesar salad and a whole wheat croissant…not much at all. I didn’t go to the gym tonight…just needed a break and like i said..i feel like crapppppppp…Probably the weather too..all rainy/drizzly :S..grosssssssss!

Gnite chicks!


Serious Chocoholic

Ok folks..I have a problem..Just realized today what an obsession/addiction I have with chocolate…I always have had one but it’s getting out of control! Let’s be honest I’ve eaten TWO 100 cal chocolate bars and an entire box of chocolate covered almonds ( a coworker was selling them for her daughter) and a few chocolate macaroons. This is nuts! I kept saying to myself “oh i’m going to Aquafit tonight and the instructor is the best..she always works me so hard so I can have the chocolate” Ya ………….how stupid..a FEW chocolates but no I had to go insane with it all.

Anyways, came home from work ate supper and then took a little nap..woke up 730..had to scramble to get ready for the gym..I had the Crazy fit vibration machine booked for 745 and Aquafit began at 8. I’m approx 7 minutes from my gym so I didn’t have much time and didn’t make it to the vibration machine..oh well.

I did bust my butt in the pool..Kind of proud to say that Mary, the instructor ALWAYS points out to the class how much I’m pushing myself..or how red in the face I am..or how much I love cardio. Sometimes it’s embaressing but oh well it feels good. Sometimes I can feel her watching me as if I’m her guinea pig and she’s testing me to push myself further. A few weeks ago a girl in the changeroom asked me if I was the class instructor…lol. Perhaps because I was wearing a Speedo suit or because she was new…Then I thought..hmm…do I look ‘fit’?? or like I could be an instructor??

Ok so I am in love with Autumn. I’ve started decorating my classroom already with Fall and Halloween decorations. I also painted pumpkins on my window and a huge tree with different colors of leaves on it..some falling and some on the ‘ground’. The kids were so excited. I also brought out some red/brown and orange construction paper and the children got to collect leaves and sort them on the sheets of paper and then stick them on…I then put the leaves in our science area.

Alrighty I’m beat to a snot…off to bed for me!


It’s 835Am and i’m awake and all ready to go to Zumba at 9…so much of me wanted to stay in bed and sleep the morning

Weight this AM was 146..thank’s going down lol.

Bf wanted to go out to a fish and chips restaurant last night..i didn’t have anything deep fried but settled on a BLT sandwich.

May write more later..out the door I go!


Tomorrow’s Thursday…the day BEFORE Friday…

Pretty bad when I look forward to Thursday….so I can say..”Yay, tomorrow is Friday!”

I slept SOOOO good last night it’s unbelievable. I didn’t even hear bf get home and into bed…which is very unusual….the SLIGHTEST sounds wakes me up. I think it’s because I took my allergy medicine before bed..knocked me out cold..whoo hoo….think I might stick to it.

Thanks Vicki for commenting on yesterday’s blog and cheering me up a little. All of my clothes DOES fit..except that my pants..size 4 are a little snug..and I don’t feel that comfortable anymore…I’ve noticed that my size 8’s are not as loose. Oh well..I know I work my butt off with exercise and that I am gaining a lot more muscle…that is the main thing.

Weight this AM kept going between 147.5 and 148. I can’t expect my weight to stay on the same number forever..impossible…and I cannot obsess about it and let it ruin my day. It’s also not that healthy to weigh myself EVERY morning to look for a change. Should go back to just the Friday AM’s.

Bf wanted takeout for supper…and I refused..Yay..going to Zumba in less than an hour and I ate enough junk last week….and am paying for it. He’s gone to get it for himself…perhaps KFC or some garbage. I’ll go workout and eat something later.

Toodles Noodles!


i don’t know what to do!

I’m lost….a year ago i weighed less than what i do now. Woke up this AM..weight was 149. This honestly brings my whole day down and I feel gross and like I am letting myself go.

I had a 2 hour workout on Sunday and honestly the best workout I’ve had in a long time last night. Aquafit taught by my fave instructor Mary ( in case some of you didn’t read my older blogs…Mary is 63…the body of a 25 yr old..i swear to god..and the most motivating, up beat person you could honestly meet..her class is like watching a comedy Anyways by the end of the class I was almost shaking..exhilerating.

I know my eating isn’t the greatest but I don’t think its THAT one thing that I’m doing that I haven’t done in a while is eat regular whole wheat bread, instead of the weight watchers bread. I don’t eat a lot of it but it could be the carbs. I did buy the WW wraps last night and they are so good with PB spread on them and rolled up..I really have to get some ww bread though.

I also need to start taking in more water. I don’t drink half as much as what I used to..although I still drink quite a bit a day.

Once bf goes away to Alberta again…perhaps early October, I can begin to get myself on track again. It’s so hard cooking and eating meals for the both of us. He doesn’t mind eating salads and chicken at all but I feel bad making him eat it ALL the time…lol..he is afterall a guy.

Alrighty i’m off to bed….work at 8 am.


“Somebody call 911…shawty fire burnin on the dance floor..whoaa”

God I love that song!!! (We always do it in our Zumba warm up..along with a little Pitbull)..that music puts me in a good mood.

Yesterday’s outdoor 2 hr Zumba party at my gym was cancelled..due to weather… was fine..rained later in the evening..I honestly think its coz there were two back to back Zumba parties goin on this weekend..and the instructors were helpin each other out. So instead I went to yesterday’s aqua aerobics class and today’s two hour Zumba fundraiser for Breast Cancer. There were a LOT of people there and everyone had such a good time. I danced for the ENTIRE two hours..didn’t even take a pee My knee started to bother me towards the end of it..not sure what’s going on with that.

My weight this AM was still 147…I’m not sure if its coz A) I ‘ve just slacked off on being so strict with the eating or B) more muscles from that vibration machine at the gym..a few weeks ago before I started doing it I was back down to 144-145. I’d honestly love to be back to 142. I know its only a few lbs but I can feel it.

Speaking of muscles and getting toned..I had my 4th treatment from my massage therapist Friday night ( what a way to start the weekend ) and I asked if she had seen any improvement in my back. She said that it seems much more toned. I think I can thank the vibration machine for that…there’s one move where I sit facing away from the machine..arms on the pad of it and I hold myself up off the floor. 

Off to watch a movie w/ my bf..he’s still not gone…and drink my green tea :-).

Have a wonderful week sister chicks!


** Michelle, Zumba is AWESOME..especially if you love dancing like I It’s so much fun that its not even like a workout. Hope you’re feeling better soon!!!

happy Saturday!

Oh its such a nice day here…Mr. Sun is shining and its a beautiful Fall day…might as well say Summer is done and over

Proud to say that I got up at 8..and went to a 9AM Zumba class at my gym. Next weekend there’s a 2 hr Zumba thingy going on at my gym…outdoors in the parking lot….trying to promote it I guess! And on Sunday there’s another 2 Hr Zumba party taking place at a community centre ( by my instructors)….It costs $10 and all funds go to Breast Cancer research!! I don’t think i’ll do both the two hour Zumba parties…hmmm…..

Bf got an email for a job away in Alberta the other night. They gave him two dates….either the 15th or 29th of Sept to start work again. The company will NOT be paying his airfare to/from Newfoundland and Alberta this time….which means he’ll be gone for a few mths. :-(. He used to work 21 days on and 7 off. This time its 10 days on and 4 off ( he’ll stay with his parents while he’s away).  He may be home for Xmas..maybe not. I will find it quite lonely around here I think……..My sister is NEVER home anymore…..always at her bf’s…she is off work on stress leave and cannot make up her mind about staying in here or moving home with mom for a while…3.5 hrs away…..oh dearrrrrrrrrrrr…

Have a great day! I THINK i’m going to a girls night tonight…just have some snacks and play games. I wasn’t gonna go if bf found out he had to leave in the next few days….but he hasn’t heard anything so i’m gonna go on out.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

awesome funny video

This video is hilarious…and the boy has wicked ass dance moves! If I had only HALF of his energy and moves…holy moly.

Weight this AM was 146..its either 144 or 146..bounces back and forth, back and forth..and honestly its getting annoying. I need to STOP weighing myself each AM and just once a week. Like i USED to do…back in the day when I was actually putting a lot of effort into the weightloss. Now i’m maintaining and care only half as much…why is that??? It’s not a good thing at all.

Last night I made some blueberry apple jam…just a small ‘trial’ batch and brought it to the daycare this morning. The ones who would try it..loved it..some didn’t want to touch Also delivered my cool whip container of blueberries to my friend, M.

Went to 1/2 and 1/2 tonight….in the pool at the gym..half cardio and half toning. By the end of the toning part I was frozen! Long hot shower afterwards!

So happy tomorrow is Wednesday….the children who are going to Kindergarten move to the KG room tomorrow ( i’m with the preschoolers ) and I’ m so happy…It’s probably horrible for me to say it but some of the kids I have literally DRAIN me of every last bit of mental energy….will be nice to get a bunch of new children. I jokingly told a parent that a lot of KG teachers will find themselves at the mental hospital by


i need a new nose….

or  a new sinus system. Went to bed with a sinus headache……………woke up with one…I try to wait as long as possible before taking medication….perhaps thats the stupidest thing i can do.

I’m getting a one hour massage today and my therapist said she’d do some facial massage for my sinuses..thank JESUS!

I might go blueberry picking this afternoon with my Nan and great Aunt Eileen.

Any suggestions as to what i can have for breakfast? I don’t usually find myself too hungry in the AM on the weekend…..funny tho during the week I wake up and I’m starving.

Off to get medicated! :p


5:36 pm- massage was amazing…blueberry picking was also amazing….we drove out towards Cape Spear ( EVERYONE should google this….a Lighthouse that is basically on a cliff…..its the most easternly point in North America) to a small community called ‘Blackhead’. So the blueberries were spread across a field that looked out into the ocean with the waves crashing up against rocks. I only wish I had remembered to take my camera. The view was breathtaking and made me realize how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place.

Now my legs are sore…lol…I have an ice cream container and a Cool Whip container FULL of blueberries. Towards the end we came across a patch that were as big as small grapes…and they taste heavenly. My grandmother also gave me a large container yesterday that she’s picked, which i put in the freezer….so I need to come up with some healthy ideas for them. I also plan on bringin some in to daycare and do some baking with the children.

Just came across this website..I think all of these pics..or MOST were taken here in Newfoundland. If you scroll down you will see a pic of Blackhead..where we were….or this was the exact same view we had. Here is a much better pic..we picked berries..exactly up behind this.


Happy Long weekend!

Oh my gawd i love long weekends sooo much! No work tomorrow–Labour Day! whoo hooo. I think we should get more than one Labour Day a year..perhaps one every six months…lol.

My grandmother is in visiting..staying at my great aunt’s ( who happens to be such a lovely person…I just mentioned going to Zeller’s to have a look for a new comforter set and she had a nice one that she gave me….to save me some money) I don’t think I would’ve picked it out myself…flowery on one side and stripes on the…I’ll use the stripe side…lol. Anywho my grandmother ( we call her Nan) is 80 years old….has arthritis most as keen as I dunno what….her mind is so strong and I took her to the shopping mall and had a little look around. I found a brown camisole ( brown lace on the bottom and top) for $5.00..I’m STILL amazed with how cheap smaller clothes is!

Before the mall we went to a used clothing store ( directly across from the mall) and I found a just above the knee length jean skirt..really nice for work. Just put together an outfit in my head…jean soft burnt orange sweater and brown camisole in under…SWEET.

Although it’s a long weekend and as much as i’d like to sit home and relax…..I am going to Zumba class. I am so excited about the new Fall schedule for my gym…well semi. Sunday night’s class is going to be changed to Saturday (9-10 AM)…Now this is a little early…HOWEVER on the first Saturday of each month its going to be from 8-10…and called Zumba Challenge!!!! My fave instructor who is Columbian is teaching it..she’s full on energy! She told me that the last time she visited Columbia…approx 5 yrs ago…they did Zumba Saturday and Sundays from 9-12! INSANEEEEEEEEEEE but awesome! The only thing I wish I could change is the time…8 am….my first day off of the week…I think I’ll have to force myself to get up. I know I’ll regret not doing it.

There is another 2 hr Zumba event going to be held on the 20th of Sept….my other zumba instructor is teaching it…the one who isn’t as energetic as the one from Columbia. However the money, $10 is in aid of breast cancer…which is a great cause..and there are going to be a few prizes.

Gosh i have a lot to say today…I haven’t blogged in a while.

Oh weight this AM was 144 AFTER drinking a cup of coffee…and me being awake or a i’m not sure what my weight was when i got up.

Last Xmas bf bought me a pair of ‘skinny’ jeans and i tried them on the other day and they seem tighter in the calves. I am wondering if its more muscle. I am not bragging but they are rock solid.

Thursday past I did a 20/20/20 class at the gym (20 step, toning with weights and abs). Thank GOD i had a massage booked on Friday evening…I was unbelievably sore in the chest, arms and shoulders. I took 2 Epsom salt baths since then. I also have another one hour massage booked for tomorrow.( My massage therapist is still building her clientele and decided to work tomorrow…..woot woot.) I discovered a month ago that my Blue cross medical thru work covers up to 400 a calendar year for massage therapy…..which means I really really could get a whole whack of massages up until December. This is my third one tomorrow…..ahh great way to start and end a long weekend.

Alright I’m off to get ready for Zumba…YAY…

oh forgot to mention i have my hair cut off…yes short…I almost cried in the chair..wondering if i blogged about this already..anyways its really short….I hadn’t intended it to be THIS short.the stylist is a complete idiot…….but i’m getting used to it..trying to think more split more headaches…low maintenance….easier to straighten..etc…

Have a great long weekend everyone!