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busy day!

It looks like i’ll have to work extra long today…the girl doing the closing shift has been off for the past few days ( on Monday I ended up working for 9.25 hrs)..yesterday I had another staff do it for me because on Monday at work and evening I was feeling so yucky..nauseous…vomiting..and slept most the evening.

After work I have a meeting..signed up for a Social Committee at work..basically we get together and come up with ideas for celebrating employees birthdays, weddings, births in the families, anniversaries at work…etc..

THEN there’s aquafit from 8-9 pm. I will bring all of my stuff for that and pray that I have the energy to go to the class. The two hour naps I’ve had both Monday and last night sure isn’t gonna help.

Hmm..someone posted a comment saying that they couldn’t view because a bunch of Trojans appeared? When I click the link it comes up no problem and I use a virus scanner on my computer…not sure whats goin on. Bf is a computer tech so I’ll ask him what it may have been.

Have a great day chicks!


oh weight was down to 142 exactly yesterday…probably because i was sick and didn’t keep much food down on Monday…If i stay 142 or around abouts, until October I will have maintained for an entire year! ALTHOUGH people are still asking if i’m losing more weight…i say “nope..just workin it and gettin toned i guess”

holy moly :P

Weight this AM was back down to 142.5………….HOORAY—-A tiny part of me was worried that I was getting out of control and about to gain the horrific weight back. Hopefully it was some major bloat and water retention going on. God as I just wrote that sentence I had to break to sneeze three times…ACHOOOO….

Does anyone watch tv/movies online? I just watched “The ugly truth” on Awesome website for movies and missed tv episodes..hehehe and movies that are still in theatre. I know technically its illegal..oh well…I doubt I’ll go to hell for it.

Bf is gone to funeral home. A friend just called and asked if i wanted to go to a Folk Festival here…Serena Ryder is playing tonight!!!!!!!!

“I’m weak in the knees for you,
but I’ll stand if you want me to.
My legs are strong, and I’ll move on,
but hunny I’m weak, in the knees for you” much as I love her music….I’d rather go to that crazy??????????? I’d prefer to workout rather than go see her??? It’s also raining…Outdoor concert + rain = YUCK!

Hope you chicks are all doing great!

6:41 Will not get to Zumba tonight :-(. Bf called and he’s with a lot of his family at his uncle’s house..making funeral arrangements, etc…for a millisecond i was a selfish bitch and mad………how horrible am i???? If i want to exercise I’ll have to go for a walk….I need a kick in the ass!

Happy Days!

Well not really that happy….Bf’s cousin was found dead in his apt yesterday….42 yrs old…They think it was a blood clot…sad….Bf is going to funeral home tonight..I declined..I don’t deal well with death and I find that I dwell on death/dying/life etc… a I’ll just stay away…how selfish of me.

Weight this AM was down to 144.5 AFTER I ate breakfast….didn’t think of weighing tomorrow it’ll be down another or so. Went to Aquafit today…what an AMAZING workout….even tho my abs are still a hurtin’ from Thursdays 20/20/20 I forced myself to go. AND who should be there? My ex bf’s mother….how awkward is that???????? She asked how everything was going with…..still with Kenny……and I didn’t even bother to ask how ex is doing. Oh well, didn’t really care to ask….probably a good reason why he is the ex…ex asshole that is.

Gonna go take my friend grocery shopping in a few mins….she was gone home for 2 weeks holidays and i misses…enough that I’ll take her

Have a great weekend!




Tried 20/20/20 class at the gym tonight for the first time..I really liked it…20 mins each of step, toning and abs/stretching. I’ve never in my life done step so i found that a little bit hard to catch on to..some of it anyways….i’m sure i’ll get the hang of it if i keep going…ok so no IF about it..I will try my best to keep going..I loved the toning part with the weights..and I really suck at ab work…I have no

Weight this AM is 146…gotta get this eating under CONTROL NOWWWWWWWWWWW…..


Two summers ago….

…I was fat…I mean..really…I was huge….Yes I smiled…I pretended to be ‘happy’ with how I was..I accepted the fact that I was overweight…hell I got too comfortable with it. I stopped accepting it almost two years ago..Oct 07 and I am so happy I did. I stopped pretending to be happy with myself and how I let myself go and got off my ass and did something.


Here is a recent pic of me..sitting on my bed…lookin all…I can’t believe I just labelled myself as ‘pretty’…I’ve truly never looked at myself as this before…….last Friday night…my friend Cathy is actually to the left of me….lol..I think I’m doing my nails French

On a serious do my arms look?? Anorexic as my friend jokingly put it??  Just compare them from two years ago..holy shittttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!

What changes would you love to make in one year…two years from now?

“one two three four…you know you want me” Pitbull

God i love love love that song! We always do it at Zumba as a warmup.

Oh my shit..speakin of Zumba..went to the 2 Hour Zumba class last Thursday night…I made it thru the entire class w/out dying……I sweat about 2 litres of water….I thought i was about to…but I made it! Hell there was a very pregnant lady who made it thru the class…HOW i have no idea! They also had a ton of prizes and I won a free month membership at my gym…woot woot! (of course when i asked the young girl at the front desk at my gym she said i’d have to talk to the accountant and perhaps use it when i resign contract in Sept…) yup when i’ve been there a year…thats an accomplishment in itself..most time’s i’ve started and stopped going to gyms. However WHY they cannot just hold the next two biweekly payments I

Went out Friday night…friend of a friend’s 40th bday party…I felt like the youngster of the bunch..i’m 27 yrs old. My friend Cathy took a pic of me while we’re getting ready and made a jokingly comment that I look anorexic…..I asked her a few times did I “Really?” I don’t want to look sick/ill/anorexic…Jesus i KNOW i’m…All I do lately is live to eat..and Zumba hahaha…My arms have gotten so much tinier and toned..I think thats what she meant. Oh after Bday party we went downtown clubbing to George Street Festival…GOOGLE It!! Huge festival on George Street ( street here in NL that is entirely made up of clubs/bars…) Just pay 15 bucks cover to get on the street and that allows you into ANY club you wanna go and you can bring your booze out on the People travel from all over to go to it. It was so much fun but i’ve declared that i will not be going to any more festivals on George because in the last two times i’ve went some person has stomped on my foot accidently and left it severely bruised..ouch! I guess thats what happens when they let wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too many people in a club and out on the dance floor…I still managed to skake my booty after the incident..that told me that my foot wasn’t broken 😛

Weight this AM up to 146…arghhhhhh….you know what? i’m NOT going to focus on the lbs..I know i work out and bust my butt in the gym..perhaps I do have to watch the calorie intake a little more..however I cannot find a good site on how many daily calories I need to have. One tells me if i’m this active 1800 or more..another is 1500…Anyone know of a reliable way of finding out the required amt of calories?? Especially if i want to lose these 5 lbs I’ve put on????

Anyways chicks……Aquafit is in 20 minutes..i don’t think i’m gonna go….SHOULD but really just too tired….and its raining and so damp outside :S.

Have a lovely evening!