Good morning, Good morning!

Up bright and early….breakfast eaten…1 cup of Fibre One cereal..god i’m in love with that stuff….does the body good!

The sun is shining and i can hear the birds while i lie in bed…ahh so sweet!

Going to go to aqua aerobics today..even though the instructor is the one i’m not fond of….very her own world…but i need to MOVE…i need to do something…so I will go..i’m held accountable now thru this…lol

My boyfriend’s much older aunt is getting remarried today..i’ve never met them before….I thought the wedding was last night and agreed to a way to get out of…only to find out my plan backfired and the wedding is today…and he told her yes we’re going….oh dear. I think the party is at a senior’s place after.

Alrighty I’m off to chat to a friend and get ready for the pool! Have a wonderful day!

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