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sooo excited

This Thursday night..Jul 31/09 there’s a 2 hour Zumba Master Class ( Master just meaning longer) at a Recreation Centre..apparently it was organized by someone who is from Newfoundland, Canada but moved and began teaching Zumba in Oklahoma. She’s here for a visit and organized this two hour event. It’s from 7-9….gonna be Zumba prizes and only ten bucks!

Hmm tonight at Zumba I was beat to a snot after 15 mins..the fitness room at my gym is insanely hot..air conditioning CANNOT be working…hopefully I won’t die from this other two our Class…it’s held at another newer location so hopefully!

I went to aqua aerobics yesterday and the floozy instructor, Katie is on holidays…Hallelujah..and my all time fave, the kick ass 60 yr old Mary taught it! whoooooooo what a workout! She’ll also be teaching the next 4 Saturday classes—count me in!

Weight this AM was down 2 lbs…144.5..not too bad but i’d like to be around 140-142 again.

I made a toasted almond spinach salad for my lunch tomorrow…looking forward to that!

Alrighty chicks have a wonderful evening!

Good morning, Good morning!

Up bright and early….breakfast eaten…1 cup of Fibre One cereal..god i’m in love with that stuff….does the body good!

The sun is shining and i can hear the birds while i lie in bed…ahh so sweet!

Going to go to aqua aerobics today..even though the instructor is the one i’m not fond of….very her own world…but i need to MOVE…i need to do something…so I will go..i’m held accountable now thru this…lol

My boyfriend’s much older aunt is getting remarried today..i’ve never met them before….I thought the wedding was last night and agreed to a way to get out of…only to find out my plan backfired and the wedding is today…and he told her yes we’re going….oh dear. I think the party is at a senior’s place after.

Alrighty I’m off to chat to a friend and get ready for the pool! Have a wonderful day!

holy moly

Hello Everyone…long time no blog..honestly I lost interest in blogging..I reached my goal and felt what’s next???

Very unhappy to report to you all that i’m up about 6lbs..this mornings weight was 146….I can feel my thighs clinging to some clothes i have..some of my new size 5-6 clothes. :-(…I don’t want to gain all the disgusting weight back..I really don’t! And being irregular if you know what i mean doesn’t help at all..bloating/ yuckiness.

I’m still going to Zumba..haven’t found anything to replace the Kickboxing class that had finished up at my gym. Haven’t went to aqua aerobics in a long time..really don’t want to get in a warm pool when its hot out. Is this an excuse..sounds like point…..aqua fit is the same night as zumba..i refuse to be obsessed and exercise 2 hrs a night..and zumba is over 2 hrs earlier than aquafit which gives me more time home.

Speaking of Zumba..there’s a 2 hour Zumba dance party next Thursday night at the Mews Centre…(Sports Centre). A Zumba instructor is flyin up from the States to teach it and it only costs $10!! I am pretty sure I’m going..a few other ladies from my class are going so i will know some of them.

I’m not sure if i should restart the points…ww that is…..I think i’ll starve though….OR count calories..and i’m not sure how many calories i should be eating. I looked it up online on several sites and came up with 3 different answers. Can anyone help??!!

Alrighty i’m off—-I will try to blog more often! I haven’t stayed away from the 3FC Forums thank god!

Have a good night chicks!