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Peanut Butter you’re the one………

God I love Peanut Butter—my friend told me about spreading it on a wrap..rolling it up and it ever good!

I haven’t blogged in a while…nothing much has changed..weight is maintaining quite well at 140 even though i’m not too strict with my eating anymore. I don’t go overboard and I try to eat sensible portions with lots of fruit and veggies….doing a horrible job with the veggie part so much salad I can eat for a while!

Patty–I haven’t taken up anything in place of the kickboxing…however I noticed that there’s a 20/20/20 class offered…….Half cardio/ toning and strength training ( i think!)..I may give that a try!

As of now I do Zumba, Sunday and Wednesday nights…and on Monday’s i do either the Zumba or the Aquafit. If i don’t have workshops/ plans on Saturday’s i go to Aquafit as well.

This swine flu has me all freaked out..I was cooking pork for supper this evening when i noticed on the news that a farmer in Manitoba who had Swine had passed it on to his pigs on his farm. There are no cases of Swine in my Province thank the Lord! The news clearly stated that cooking pork thoroughly would kill the Swine germ but bf and I could barely eat it. I’m sure the pork wasn’t from that farm but you never know!!!!

Anyways i’m off….Brothers and Sisters is on and I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE it! I will try to blog more often!