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I am alive..Happy Easter!

Good Friday tomorrow…the best thing about Good Friday is that its a work…I plan to sleep in..relax w/ bf..snuggle : ).

I have not forgotten about 3FC completely..I have been checking in regularly and especially the forums…feeling kinda bummed about I’ve reached my goal so what do i do now ? do I keep blogging about maintaining or give up. I haven’t stopped coming to 3fc because of the fact that I NEED to be reminded to eat healthy..stay on track and not gain any of those evil nasty pounds back.

After last weekend of visiting bf’s parents out of town (and not eating the greatest. I didn’t eat a LOT or any takeout..just home cooked meals……..pork chops, salads, mashed potatoes etc) my weight was down to 138.5 on Monday and Tuesday. This morning it was back at 140.5. I was shocked..utterly shocked to see my weight in the 130’s. I was also on two minds about it…my goal was to be 140….i don’t want to be lower or much lower than that..but I was also ecstatic…knowing that I’ve lost a little over 90lbs. I don’t want to be skin and bones and the scariest thing ever is that mentally i don’t see myself or feel 140.

So disappointed to say that my gym took Tuesday’s 5:30 pm Kickboxing class off of the new schedule..and its now only 9am on another morning. It was my absolute fave but they weren’t finding a big turnout at that time and I assume they couldn’t reschedule it anywhere else :S.

Well I’m off..think I should take a nap…I REALLY REALLY should go for a walk..its beautiful here this evening..sun is shining…but i feel drained. Taking care of 16 children on a supreme sugar high can wear ya down.