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Recipe :P

Brownie Muffins!


3 cups of All Bran (the long skinny pieces)
2.5 cups of warm water

Mix together and let sit for 3-5 minutes..til the water is absorbed by the Bran.

Add 1 package of Betty Crocker low fat Fudge brownie mixture and one egg..( i think I read online egg is optional). You may also want to add a little extra water.

Spoon into muffin liners and bake at 325. I think they bake for about 15 mins..I usually just keep a close eye on them and keep checking them!

They are 1pt each in Weight Watchers! Enjoy!!! Yield: 24 muffins

(My 1st attempt I had used the flakes of bran…a no no..and had used 3 cups of water..they were disgusting!)


So folks I am alive…just not really into blogging…been a busy week w/ birthday and work/working out/babysitting. Weight on Friday was 142 and this morning it was going back and forth from 139.5-140…I don’t think i want to be in the 130’s!…So how do i make sure i don’t?? I am amazed because food wise I had a HORRIBLE week…..bday supper…burger king, mcd’s etc………just where in the heck did the 139 come from? perhaps i was dehydrated!

Went to Yuk Yuk’s last night for a comedy show..duh its a comedy club…bf got us free tix! we went to the comedians website…Darrin Rose..(who is a cutie i must add) and he had something email him for free tix to an upcoming show…well we got em!! We sat RIGHT next to the stage and weren’t picked on too much..awesome time!

Went for a walk today…so glad the snow is FINALLY melting…i want winter over and done with..and i want to be able to just wear a thin sweater frig that..make it t-shirt and capris..and sandals! We had Hawaiian day at daycare the other day and it was the biggest tease………I wore a skirt..with a costume grass skirt over..sandals…tank top….lei…oh mys…i want summer :P.

Also went to Zumba tonight..had a fabulous workout!!!!!! I love love love it!

Have a great night chicks!

whoo hooo…Happy birthday to me!

Well this morning I received the BEST..present I could ever ask for………..the scale FINALLY read 140………not 142…….140.5..but the one and only 140 on the nose! (of course on the day I plan on going out for supper lol). I was ecstatic and honestly in disbelief! I’m perfectly fine weighing 142 for example but 140 gives it a whole total of 90 lbs gone! I’m on cloud 9!

The girls at work bought me a small strawberry shortcake (that i shared amongst them) and some new PJ’s…yay! I was telling the director a few weeks ago how i desperately needed new ones….my old ones are HUGE on me but still

Anyways off to get ready!!


“It’s my party I’ll cry if i want to..”

Yay tomorrow is my special day…turning 27!  I haven’t felt this good and weighed this much in YEARS..i honestly cannot remember…ten years ago my grad dress was a size 11 and here I am today at 140 lbs…ok give or take a few and a size 4-6 (depending on the

I was supposed to have some friends over last night for drinks but we had a two day snow/ ice storm..booo….We’re going to go out to East Side Mario’s tomorrow night..I have no idea what I will get..I’ve not eaten it in years!

Does anyone know of a blog site that is just a random site..not particularly about dieting/weight etc….I feel like my blogs here have become quite repetitive and i really wish i had begun/known about this site when I began losing weight..not when the journey was almost over…I know its really never over ..but you get my point.

I’m still going to kickboxing/zumba..etc..actually I had zumba tonight..I think I was the youngest in the class..oh well I really don’t care because I love it and its so much fun!

Have a great night chicks!

A nose in need deserves Puffs indeed.

Allergies have been extremely bad lately…i’m allergic to dust (SEVERELY..allergy specialist said I shouldn’t even be cleaning…um..if i don’t do it exactly WHO is going to do it?) and a few trees. I haven’t had a bout like this in a LONG time which was kind of making me wonder if my weight had something to do it with it..guess not. My nose feels like I’ve been hit with something…runny and sore. I just used my Neti Pot for the first time in a long time as well. I know its bad when the water goes in but doesn’t come back out..can we say blockage?

Went to Zumba tonight…I love love love Zumba..and i’m honestly getting good..ok who am i kidding……a little better with it! I love it mostly when we warm up / cool down to current songs on the radio such as Rhianna etc. Today was my 5th day exercising in a row! However my weight this AM was 144…I don’t get how it could go so high after it was 141.5 yesterday morning. TOM so perhaps retaining some fluid..hopefully!

I will not go to the gym tomorrow (babysitting), Friday or Saturday..yes folks..gonna miss my aquafit class. Asked my much older friend Cathy if she wanted to go for lunch and thrift store bargain hunting..she loves them as much as I do. We plan to hit up..Value of the Salvation Army’s and Previously Loved ( a non profit local thrift store that aids Epilepsy Association of Newfoundland and Labrador). I can’t wait!!!

My bday is on the 23rd so I invited a few friends over Saturday night…bf is going to treat me to Ice cream cake….i honestly cannot wait..I love my friends so much!

Oh check this out! Here is one of my Zumba instructors online..she also teaches a children’s class at Bulldog Interactive Gym (for children only!) and she was on a local show called Living Newfoundland..which explores different businesses in the area. She is from Columbia and amazing! That opening picture is downtown St.John’s, Newfoundland! I cannot get the link to the video to play so please click Zumba 101 on the right!

Alrighty time to go!

Love <3…………

I am in love with this song CHECK IT OUT…it’s different..unique..simply magical. My zumba instructor has played it twice now at the end of the class for the cool down/ stretches…….its beautiful! I’m in LOVE! I had no idea the name..just kept memorizing lyrics to search….”Hide and Seek” and I found it! I swear I’ve listened to it about 20 times since i’ve been home.

Happy St. Patty’s Day to you all! Don’t forget to wear green!!! I have a beautiful satiny strapless shirt i will wear to work tomorrow but with one of those short sweaters over it…dress code :S.

Girlfriend rant coming up: Talkin to a friend the other night and explained that I have such winter blues..not wanting to go anywhere/ do anything…bf has to beg me to go ‘out’ on weekends…just exhausted all the time..mentally and physically…….and i said that I’m so moody..snapping at the simplest of things that he does..etc….and she asked if i was spending “too” much time with him…because she’s noticed that since he’s been off work i’m different and i don’t go out as much…want to do much. I said i don’t think it is “Him” lol….we live together so we’re going to spend a lot of time together regardless..god he’s my bf! and i said Saturday’s and Sunday’s are the only time we really get together so I try to do something with him at least on one day (I workout on Saturday afternoons, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights…. and babysit on Thursday nights…) by the time I get home in the evening i’m pooped..ready for bed! Just bothers me that she thinks i spend too much time w/ him..and she is the girlfriend who ONLY wants to hang out if its on her terms like going downtown clubbing OR a movie..that’s all she wants to do..I’ve invited her over to hang out..have tea…do other things…Nada……..Then I wonder is it because her last relationship was with a controlling abuser…..she wasn’t allowed to do much..I’m surprised they don’t think he doesn’t ‘allow’ me to do stuff…he doesn’t care what i do…where I go etc…as long as its not a last minute an earlier blog had of my gf’s called 8pm on a Friday night to ask if i wanted to go clubbing…i didn’t want to ditch bf last minute when we had planned to watch movies. God its like I cannot compromise with my girlfriends..they’re all SINGLE and i have a bf…arghhhhhhhh………

Anyways I’m off to bed I think! Well after I listen to the song ONE more time! lol

Oh did I mention to you all that I’m PMSing and such an emotional basketcase?? Here is another beautiful video my friend sent me…said there was something on Oprah about it. I can’t stop watching this and crying of course!

Relay For Life

So i feel kinda bad….for starters my Daycare company has 5 or so centres..One of my coworkers friends (who also works at another location) is doing the Relay For Life ( an all night event in June where you are in a team of 10 and you raise money for Cancer…..and take turns going around a track and doing special games,’s supposed to be a LOT of fun). However….I thought about it and decided not to join their team because A) her and my other coworker are extremely lazy people and i really don’t want to work like a dog to make up for what they’re physically unable or unwilling to do…..ok so call that childlish maybe it is..also the thought of spending a full Saturday night with them..they annoy the heck out of me……and B) my coworker’s ‘friend’ who is organizing this is a complete complete bitch…i’ve heard this from her AND many other coworkers…so I’d probably have her told off before ten pm (it begins at 7pm). I had also asked if I could invite my good friend Cathy who has survived bowel cancer…she is an ex coworker…the one i went out to see at supper!!! and the ‘friend’ responded with..”no..JUST coworkers”…it’s probably so mean of me to think this..and i might end up going to hell but if she’s such the terrible person she seems to be..she probably wants to be the only cancer survivor in the group. I’ve REALLY heard a lot of horrible things about her and i have no desire to spend an entire night with people that irritate the crap out of me.

Anyways…… of my best girl friends who works at another one of the centres…mentions it to some coworkers and we’ve decided to start another team and invite Cathy..they have NO problems with it….(Cathy’s best friend is the director of this other centre) and they were appalled when told that the other girl said I couldn’t invite her to be on the team.

WOMEN! we are nothing but trouble! I can’t wait to break the news next week that i’m doing the Relay afterall…..and i will be honest and say..”well…you’ve been telling me what an EXTREME bitch your friend is and how hard she is to get along with….so that is reason i declined to be on your team..and the other team has no problem having Cathy with us”

We’re going to try to raise at least $500….it’s going to be so much fun!

So getting back to the whole diet……..weight this AM was 141.5..I knew i’d be up a little..oh well…I doubt I’ll EVER see 140 and i accept that…1.5 is not that big of a deal.

Have a great weekend!


“Op-da rator..Op-da rator…don’t call me I’ll call you later”

This is how a little boy in my group sings this song…its adorable..he’s one of the few who are obsessed/extremely attached with me being their teacher…I mean seriously..crying at the door when I the window watching….lol..but he always sings Top 40 songs and it’s hilarious……..Another is.. “I kissed a girl and I loveddddddddddd her” ( I tell him he can’t sing this but he still does).

Just home from babysitting and soon to bed………..gotta work at 730 at 4!! yayayayayay!

Food was horrible today..I know i will definitely not be my 140 tomorrow AM. The damage..oh besides my own lunch i had two small servings of mac n cheese…oh yes people… “normal” cheese and white pasta…then I had THREE of the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies we served the children. Later I ate TWO timbits ( doughnut holes)..Went to the grocery store and bought salad to go with supper (one fat free hot dog on a whole wheat bun) and bought myself a dark chocolate almond bar…….ate half of that…why the heck did i get it?? Thought of getting a Reese’s pb cup bar for bf..his fave..and seen…oh two for 1.30 sale..well..must get the almond one for myself…afterall the damage is done..can it get any worse??

So after today I wouldn’t be surprised if i have a heart attack or diabetes. Feel like a complete uncontrollable PIG! Seriously out of control. IF i don’t start doing something about this I will gain all of that god awful weight back and become an “obese denise” again :S. Working out can only do so doesn’t mean I can go to hell with eating…why can’t i get this thru my thick head???????????

Anyways off to bed!

have wonderful night chickssssssssssssssssss

i am alive

Yes folks..I have NOT disappeared off the face of the earth..just busy….tired…and honestly not in the mood to blog much. Didn’t get to go to kickboxing on Tuesday night..but went to the aquafit the night before. Why?? well it seems that when I drove over a HUGE pothole in the road on Monday night..on the way home..I lost a hubcap and busted up my wheel on my car. When did i notice this?? TUESDAY AM…after I had driven to work..I am so out in my own little world..i didn’t even realize that i had a flat and a hubcap gone until i got out of my car. Wake the hell up Angela! ok so i’m talking to myself..not a good sign at all.

Put air in the wheel and the tire wouldn’t hold any air…Canadian tire is out of stock of the tire i’d instead bf put the All Season Tires (which have their own set of rims) back on the car..well the mechanic did…yes here in Newfoundland the roads/weather is so horrible we need two sets of tires……….Of course my bf who stands up for EVERYTHING and has no probs voicing opinions goes to the city hall with a complaint and says that they should do something about the car repairs…..after all there is was no sign/ light indicating the boulder in the road and i wasn’t speeding. I hate hate hate hate confrontation and have been a little stressed with all of this…he’s even written up some letter…oh sweet lord…Good thing is we noticed the city had workers down and they filled all the holes in the road.

I’ve avoided my scale like it’s been diagnosed with the plague because I am SICK of worrying over a pound here/ there. I don’t want everything to be decided upon based on a stupid pound or few…yes its great to keep a close eye on the scale however i hate being obsessed over it.

Did i mention a few weeks ago that I ordered a sweet pair of brown leather boots online?? Got them delivered on Monday and they’re soo hot!!! I should take a pic of them and post! yes I’ve also developed a little addiction to footwear..mostly boots/shoes…I love that I can FINALLY zip up boots!!!!!!!!!!!!! The site I ordered them has free shipping for anything over $49 and the boots were reg. 119 and i got em for 45!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways shoes make me excited as you can tell! (I believe there are some stores in the U.S. as well)

Gnite chicks! Hope all is well!


Still got the blah’s!

Did i go to aquafit today like my usual Saturday?? NO……I really should’ve but it was snowing/raining and i had no desire to get out of the pool and go outside in the weather. I get cold really easily and a “chill in my bones” and didn’t want that for the rest of the day…okay a little of that is an excuse but it’s true!

So besides not getting dressed at all today (kept pj’s on!) I didn’t step i said the weather was crappy! I also didn’t eat that well..didn’t eat a LOT but what it wasn’t that great. Banana when i woke up..few chocolate cookies ( i shamelessly ate an entire pack this week…first pack of chocolate fudgeos i’ve bought in years and now i know why I stopped…… Rule…NOT ALLOWED TO BUY COOKIES..if they’re in the house I lose control and want them). Then for breakfast which was REALLY at lunchtime i ate 5..yes people FIVE pancakes…bf made bacon wrapped scallops for supper so i had a few of them. Food was completely out of whack today! :-(.

Again I will go to Zumba tomorrow night..unless there’s a blizzard..which isn’t in the forecast.

Have a great night!


Friday blah’s

Mentally/physically drained on a Friday night…:S..had a two hour nap earlier…lucky if i sleep tonight. Bf has been asking to go out and do something but i’d rather just be a homebody. It’s so funny earlier…he’s so adapted to my new lifestyle that he asked if i was going to the gym..almost assuming I was…… i don’t go to the gym on Friday night’s….boys are so when have I ever went on a Friday night????

Ok so little rant here………….ALL of my closest/bestest friends are single girls……..all basically on the prowl to meet someone. Irks the crap out of me that they’ll just message me up and say “hey wanna get ready go for drinks?” I guess because they’ve had so little actual relationships they don’t realize that when you’re in one you have someone else to consider as well. Sometimes but not always they’ll invite my bf along…which I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if i went on out but we spend very little time together all weeklong..I work..come home..leave for gym…1.5 hrs later i’m home..showering and bed. Weekends are really the only time we get together…I try to make time for friends as well…I’m not one of those girls who thinks the world revolves around her relationship and there’s nothing else in the think I’d call it just being considerate. Anyways my bestest gf called while i was napping..asking if i wanted to go out…she was already having  a drink at her house. I explained that i’m so tired…still in and bf wanted me to go out and do some thing all evening and i just don’t have the energy.

oh well! It was nice to take a day off from the gym..and just veg out!

This AM’s weight was still at 140.5..seems like I cannot get to the actual exact 140.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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