Archive for February 28th, 2009

I’m back..back in the New York groove!

Ok so I wish I was in New York…..however it’s pretty nice here and it’s gonna continue up until Tuesday…rain and warm temperatures ( +7 degrees and sun today!!!) The warmer it is and the more rain we have the LESS snow and ice will be around..thank the lord for that!

I am thinking I lost some weight because of being sick…i definitely did…I could not weigh yesterday….took my scale to work earlier in the week..yes folks I actually let it leave the house….baby steps remember? and I couldn’t weigh…so when I went in to work yesterday I weighed with my clothes on and after eating oatmeal and coffee I was 142….This morning I was 141.5. I really like this weight I’m at…I’m comfortable..I just want to feel less jiggly and more firm..hahaha…who needs J-E-L-L-O?? Oh….forgot to mention why I brought the scale in to work…wanted to weigh all the children and do a multiplication to tell them how much they’d weigh on certain planets. We have a 3.5 yr old who weighs 28 lbs! She is so tiny and we have a boy who is almost 5 who weighs 60 lbs..what a comparison!!

Just realized every freaking towel in the house is dirty….how the heck did I not notice that? Waiting for towels to dry now so I can go to aquafit.

We had Chinese last night for sup and I could literally FEEL the sodium in my face…drank two enormous glasses of water after..and then I had a horrible crampy stomach. Seems like whenever I eat out anywhere I pay for it afterwards….perhaps a sign???????????????????

Alrighty chicklets have a great day!