I WILL go to Zumba tonight! I had fully intended on going straight to Kickboxing from work yesterday..had my bag/water/sneakers etc…

An old coworker of mine and I became really close a long time ago…she is in her early 40’s and has two sons..even though there is a huge age difference we still got along quite well. Anywho after losing track and a lot going on in her life ( separation, terminal cancer in her family, and she going back to school) we started talking on facebook again ( she had closed her account and kind of closed herself off from the world). One of the director’s of another daycare (owned by same company) had called me yesterday to say a bunch of them were going out for supper….including C, my friend, and she invited me along. So I had to choose..go to the gym like planned or go to supper with them and see my long lost friend. I chose to not go to the gym..If C hadn’t been there obviously it would’ve been the kickboxing but it was so great to see her. She is the most strongest woman I know ( she has battled bowel cancer and now in remission), recently separated, and back to school with a 4 GPA…and also supporting a close family member who now has cancer. It was worth losing the gym class. Sometimes you have to sacrifice some important things in your life just so you can make room for others. It took a LOT out of me to say no to my favourite class but I’m glad I did.

The decision is made……I will go to the gym tonight! Must go and scrape the ice off my car and warm it up. Brrrr………is it May yet? or better July?


8:46pm- I don’t feel so good……..to begin..we had two staff off so far this week with stomach flu and about 7 children! I may have jinxed myself because I jokingly had said “Ya, I’d like to be sick to have a day off”..because I’m usually NEVER sick! Queasy on my way home from work..thought it could be indigestion..so forced myself to go to Zumba..really nauseous towards the end of class…made myself eat a pita for supper…and then it began. Vomiting is so NOT fun! Neither is diarrhea! I have the chills and my stomach feels like it has something alive in it! wish me luck!

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  1. patty on February 25th, 2009

    You definitely made the right decision, Angela. We should treasure our friends and not let anything get in the way of crucial decisions when it comes to them. You just never know what might happen.

    Under the circumstances, I’m more proud of you for skipping class than I would have been for you doing it!

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