yucky snow!

Well its currently blowing snow everywhere outside like expected…I SHOULD be getting ready to go to work.

Thanks Mac for your showing me your side of things yesterday..however i seen that you are a teacher…and EVERYTHING ( metro bus system, malls, stores, schools, city hall buildings…are closed..except for us) It just barely makes any sense to us…If they refuse to let city buses drive around they expect staff to go out and drive in? This is not normal winter storm weather.I live in Newfoundland Canada…..the snow here is outrageous……it’s a full blown blizzard of 100kms of wind and 30 cms of snow…Some staff (at my daycare) are single mothers who are expected to work…not given the choice of staying home and are expected to take their child/children out in it….I guess that is why we are open..for any single parents who have to work…somewhere that possibly could be open.

Sometimes I do wonder if I need a job change…and some days I am not happy but who loves their job 100% of the time. Extreme blizzards are the days I feel like telling my employer to shove it…I can assure you she is not out driving around. I am glad you appreciate your child’s day care…not enough people do and take advantage of Early Childhood Educators. I am not trying to have debate either lol just that it really is something that just irks me!

Anyways I’m off to get ready! Wish me luck!

1:30pm- Yay work shut down at 1…of course we had no children!! Two other centres of ours had two children each ( one being a staff’s child..so really 3!) We got a lot done…tidying/organizing and I baked a ton of cookies for the children for tomorrow!

Creativebalance–a daycare in my hometown (3 hrs away) has the same policy..and I think that is the way it should be…even the friggin weather office was shut down! Yes some people refuse to shut down…Home Depot/Walmart etc. The almighty dollar means much more than peoples safety obviously!

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  1. creativebalance on February 18th, 2009

    My Mom is a director of a daycare, and their policy is that if the schools are closed due to snow then so are they. The whole point to the schools closing down is that it is not safe for driving. I totally understand where you are coming from. Unfortunately, there are a lot of businesses that will not close down for anything, including where I work.

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