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Sleepyhead! I worked from 730-4…came home and said I’d have a little nap…get up at 5 and get ready for Kickboxing (530)…didn’t wake up until 515…and said shag the gym…went out shopping with two friends..god how i love dollar stores and walmart..haha. I’ve exercised both Sat, Sun and last night. I will not get to go tomorrow..we’re expecting a nasty snow storm :-(. My boss has a policy that she NEVER closes…so we can be open for any parents who have to work regardless…(Dr.’s, Nurses, etc..) which I think is outrageous…MOST people have someone to look after their child..other than daycare….like our lives are not worth anything and we can be out driving in the horrible nasty weather ….argh….Only once she has not opened…ONCE in the past 4.5 years I’ve been there!

Gnite chicks!