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…..didn’t turn out quite like I had planned…about 330 pm I had a glass of milk and quite a few chocolate kisses…and I got an upset stomach..felt really queasy..probably the chocolate telling me I’ve had enough! I led down had a said don’t worry about cooking supper…instead he went and got Mcd’s. I REALLY have to get back on the wagon and be more careful with food…I am maintaining and allowing myself the occasional treat meal..but lately it seems like I am just eating whatever.

I had completely forgotten that last night we were invited to bf’s uncles house. His gf turned 50 today and they were having a party. I couldn’t care less to go because she is a teeny bit of snob (perhaps extremely high maintenance is the word) and some of her friends are…Uncle practically begged us to go..I think because¬†everyone else was friends of gf and not really of him.¬†I went on one was NOT to abandon me and go off with his uncle. He did pretty good and stuck by my side. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be…just not my cup of or my kind of people…I guess it doesn’t help that there was an age difference between me and them.

Anywho…I am awake..I just had a Curves granola bar..half cup of skim milk..and a few chocolates..I want them OUT of the house..but it serously kills me to throw out chocolate!

I am going to go to Zumba tonight..try out the new certified instructor! I think if I didn’t exercise I’d be gaining back everything I eat…I HAVE TO EXERCISE!

Oh..there was no romantic bubble bath after..we got home at 1am and i was ready for bed!

8:47-Oh Patty I wish all chocolates weren’t allowed to have the nutritional info on them…and they came in small you could eat them and not feel so bad but not go

Went to Zumba tonight..taught by the new certified Spanish instructor…oh my word..she was awesome! The music was more current and upbeat and it was so much fun. I’m in love with Zumba altogether. Is it obsessive to go to the gym most nights/days? or should I just go 3 times a week? The thing is that I thoroughly enjoy it…working out makes me feel so good! My bf has jokingly said that i’m obsessed..perhaps because i’m never home! haha