Archive for February 10th, 2009

“I like my butt and I cannot lie” :P

I do..I do…went to Kickboxing tonight ( knee held up pretty good..I just didn’t over do it on some of the moves) and I noticed that my small butt looks quite good…If i were a guy i’d check out my butt hahahahaha……shaped quite round and actually decent..Not huge..not flat..thank the lord above..No i don’t go around sizing up my butt all the time or for that matter anyone elses..unless he’s cute…..but the entire wall of the room was mirrors and turned side on I was like ” what is that and where have you been?” Anyways enough about all the butt talk.

Food was good today…had a wonderful 6 inch whole wheat sub for supper (with bacon as a treat..yikes!) but you know what? I already said that i’ve been maintaining for the past 4 mths so I must be doing SOMETHING right..i’m not going to stress over food..I work out…have the occasional treat ( which took me some time to allow myself) and just gonna keep on doing what I’m doing…unless I notice the scale slowly going up..but for now i’m happy with the way things are going.

Only two small things I’m not 100% happy with A) my hips are huge…and they stick out quite a bit…makes me look like I have a roll when its not really fat! Anyways I know what’s there and I guess that is the main thing. B) The extra skin on my literally turns my stomach…and again…as long its not fat I don’t give two shits! Hopefully with all the cardio it will EVENTUALLY tighten. Key

Sick of cold………..sick of winter…I want Summer ASAP!!! Does anyone have some Summer I could buy?? I’d pay some major bucks for some heat!

Have a great night!