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No Desire

Does anyone else go thru these stages of having absolutely no desire to blog?? That is me…I am kind of making myself blog tonight..why i’m not sure..I would not be surprised if no one reads

Update on knee: It was still paining last i decided to take it easy from the gym…went to aqua aerobics on Saturday because it is low impact. I had planned to go to Zumba last night but while I was at the grocery store my knee was hurting decided to opt out because i knew it was the new intense instructor.

If all goes well tomorrow i might attempt going to Kickboxing in the evening..not sure if it is such a good idea considering it is what screwed up my knee last week but i really don’t want to give up this exercise trend i got goin on!

Food lately has been so-so….weight still exactly at 142.5…I’ve been maintaining this weight for exactly 4 mths..i am amazed with how well i’ve done and how I haven’t gained some back. An older lady at water aerobics told me she thought I had lost more weight than before ( I assume she was talking about before Xmas..she had commented then) but I just said ” Nope..hopefully there is some toning going on with all the kickboxing and exercise!”

Anyways i’m off….tired!