Archive for February 3rd, 2009

Just great..Just freakin great!

Had a horrible day today food wise..oh yes i ate lots of fruit and veggies..wonderful salad for lunch………..I just couldn’t STOP eating sweets……we made shortbread cookies with the children….I ate 3?? A child brought in Timbit’ doughnut holes..I honestly ate 5 I’d say…and a small slice of banana bread. I am wondering if all the diet coke i’m drinking lately is making me crave sweets more?? I am going to try to go a few days on water/skim milk ONLY..nooo diet coke!

Well I certainly paid for eating the junk today—-I was beyond sluggish in kickboxing…I was YAWNING at the beginning of the class…and I felt so overcome..THEN here comes the worst part..towards the end my left knee began paining. Googled knee pains and came up with what I think I may have “Runner’s knee” or Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. I’ve often gotten a little pain in my knee but not this much. I kept on going and just tried not to over do the workout..perhaps not the best idea. I just hope it doesn’t make me unable to go to Zumba tomorrow night or take a break from all the high impact cardio exercise. Hopefully it isn’t this Runner’s Knee and just that I wasn’t warmed up or something. Right now I have my Magic Bag on it….hopefully the heat will help!

I was so looking forward to Zumba tomorrow night because the new instructor is going to teach a little! Let you know tomorrow!