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I’m back..back in the New York groove!

Ok so I wish I was in New York…..however it’s pretty nice here and it’s gonna continue up until Tuesday…rain and warm temperatures ( +7 degrees and sun today!!!) The warmer it is and the more rain we have the LESS snow and ice will be around..thank the lord for that!

I am thinking I lost some weight because of being sick…i definitely did…I could not weigh yesterday….took my scale to work earlier in the week..yes folks I actually let it leave the house….baby steps remember? and I couldn’t weigh…so when I went in to work yesterday I weighed with my clothes on and after eating oatmeal and coffee I was 142….This morning I was 141.5. I really like this weight I’m at…I’m comfortable..I just want to feel less jiggly and more firm..hahaha…who needs J-E-L-L-O?? Oh….forgot to mention why I brought the scale in to work…wanted to weigh all the children and do a multiplication to tell them how much they’d weigh on certain planets. We have a 3.5 yr old who weighs 28 lbs! She is so tiny and we have a boy who is almost 5 who weighs 60 lbs..what a comparison!!

Just realized every freaking towel in the house is dirty….how the heck did I not notice that? Waiting for towels to dry now so I can go to aquafit.

We had Chinese last night for sup and I could literally FEEL the sodium in my face…drank two enormous glasses of water after..and then I had a horrible crampy stomach. Seems like whenever I eat out anywhere I pay for it afterwards….perhaps a sign???????????????????

Alrighty chicklets have a great day!



Took today off work…I last vomited at 230 am. I napped early last night and slept til 9 am (except for when i got up at 230) My legs are so stiff from lying down. I just forced myself to eat 4 soda crackers and a 100 cal pack of cookies…see how I do with that. Dear bf went to drug store and got me some pepto bismo (nasty!) and some diet sprite.

Hopefully I just had a small bout of stomach flu. My immune system is really good and I cannot remember the last time i’ve had a bug.

Have a great day!



I WILL go to Zumba tonight! I had fully intended on going straight to Kickboxing from work yesterday..had my bag/water/sneakers etc…

An old coworker of mine and I became really close a long time ago…she is in her early 40’s and has two sons..even though there is a huge age difference we still got along quite well. Anywho after losing track and a lot going on in her life ( separation, terminal cancer in her family, and she going back to school) we started talking on facebook again ( she had closed her account and kind of closed herself off from the world). One of the director’s of another daycare (owned by same company) had called me yesterday to say a bunch of them were going out for supper….including C, my friend, and she invited me along. So I had to choose..go to the gym like planned or go to supper with them and see my long lost friend. I chose to not go to the gym..If C hadn’t been there obviously it would’ve been the kickboxing but it was so great to see her. She is the most strongest woman I know ( she has battled bowel cancer and now in remission), recently separated, and back to school with a 4 GPA…and also supporting a close family member who now has cancer. It was worth losing the gym class. Sometimes you have to sacrifice some important things in your life just so you can make room for others. It took a LOT out of me to say no to my favourite class but I’m glad I did.

The decision is made……I will go to the gym tonight! Must go and scrape the ice off my car and warm it up. Brrrr………is it May yet? or better July?


8:46pm- I don’t feel so good…… begin..we had two staff off so far this week with stomach flu and about 7 children! I may have jinxed myself because I jokingly had said “Ya, I’d like to be sick to have a day off”..because I’m usually NEVER sick! Queasy on my way home from work..thought it could be forced myself to go to Zumba..really nauseous towards the end of class…made myself eat a pita for supper…and then it began. Vomiting is so NOT fun! Neither is diarrhea! I have the chills and my stomach feels like it has something alive in it! wish me luck!


Snow..sleet….ice…freezing rain…one word : YUCK! Therefore I don’t want to go to Zumba..the roads are horrible and I despise winter driving.

This morning’s weight: 140.5! So I was definitely retaining water on Friday…4lbs down in 3…I don’t usually retain while TOM so i’m not used to this!


Diet Quote: Your body is the baggage you must carry through life. The more excess the baggage, the shorter the trip.

Funny Quote:I gave up jogging for my health reasons. My thighs kept rubbing together and setting my pantyhose on fire.

Joke..hehehe..yep me and my dirty mind 🙂 A man goes to his doctor after losing a lot of weight.

“I feel great, but I have a problem, doctor. I was so fat beforehand that my skin has stretched and stayed that long. Is there anything you can give me?”

“Hmm, short of plastic surgery, there is only one alternative. Please take off your clothes.”

The man strips down. The doctor pulls all his skin upwards and ties it in a ball above his head.

“But doctor — now my navel is in the middle of my forehead!”

“True,” replies the doctor, “and you should see what you have for a collar and tie.”

Off to bed..zzzzzz!

Ashamed to tell you all that I went to Zumba tonight after 6 days of no exercise…I had a MAJOR stitch (pain in my side) during the beginning of the class…I usually get one if I eat and exercise but i only ate an apple about an 1.5 hrs before class so I’m not sure WHAT it was..probably gas. Anyways had a wicked workout!

Lately I’ve been feeling a little bored with blogging…very repetitive and if it’s boring for me I can just imagine what you poor readers must be thinking..haha. Wondering if I should give up blogging or keep doing it..checking in here/there. Maybe I need to come up with some creative things to add to my blog…give it some

Oh perhaps I should tell you about my…I find that whenever her sister is on the weightloss kick or does weight watchers she begins to do it too.. I guess because they spend so much time with one another. This is the friend who I ranted about a few months ago..the one who always used to say ” Hey Skinny bitch” etc…whenever she seen me….and it really drove me crazy…Many people had said perhaps it’s her way of showing her insecurities with her own weight. Anyways I’m so proud that she has decided to do something…She bought an elliptical and is doing the ww points at home. She’s lost 7lbs in 3 weeks!!! I’m so proud of her!!! She’s even said she is feeling so much better..and I can tell her self esteem is slowly changing.

Anyways I will leave you all with this quote! Have a great night! ~*~ Angela ~*~

Lee Iacocca
You’ve got to say, I think that if I keep working at this and want it badly enough I can have it. It’s called perseverance


P.S. Friday’s weigh-in…144.5…but this evening it was 142.5..again! lol……..Just over TOM so I am sure i was retaining water on Friday–Hopefully 😛

yucky snow!

Well its currently blowing snow everywhere outside like expected…I SHOULD be getting ready to go to work.

Thanks Mac for your showing me your side of things yesterday..however i seen that you are a teacher…and EVERYTHING ( metro bus system, malls, stores, schools, city hall buildings…are closed..except for us) It just barely makes any sense to us…If they refuse to let city buses drive around they expect staff to go out and drive in? This is not normal winter storm weather.I live in Newfoundland Canada…..the snow here is outrageous……it’s a full blown blizzard of 100kms of wind and 30 cms of snow…Some staff (at my daycare) are single mothers who are expected to work…not given the choice of staying home and are expected to take their child/children out in it….I guess that is why we are open..for any single parents who have to work…somewhere that possibly could be open.

Sometimes I do wonder if I need a job change…and some days I am not happy but who loves their job 100% of the time. Extreme blizzards are the days I feel like telling my employer to shove it…I can assure you she is not out driving around. I am glad you appreciate your child’s day care…not enough people do and take advantage of Early Childhood Educators. I am not trying to have debate either lol just that it really is something that just irks me!

Anyways I’m off to get ready! Wish me luck!

1:30pm- Yay work shut down at 1…of course we had no children!! Two other centres of ours had two children each ( one being a staff’s really 3!) We got a lot done…tidying/organizing and I baked a ton of cookies for the children for tomorrow!

Creativebalance–a daycare in my hometown (3 hrs away) has the same policy..and I think that is the way it should be…even the friggin weather office was shut down! Yes some people refuse to shut down…Home Depot/Walmart etc. The almighty dollar means much more than peoples safety obviously!

Sleepyhead! I worked from 730-4…came home and said I’d have a little nap…get up at 5 and get ready for Kickboxing (530)…didn’t wake up until 515…and said shag the gym…went out shopping with two friends..god how i love dollar stores and walmart..haha. I’ve exercised both Sat, Sun and last night. I will not get to go tomorrow..we’re expecting a nasty snow storm :-(. My boss has a policy that she NEVER closes…so we can be open for any parents who have to work regardless…(Dr.’s, Nurses, etc..) which I think is outrageous…MOST people have someone to look after their child..other than daycare….like our lives are not worth anything and we can be out driving in the horrible nasty weather ….argh….Only once she has not opened…ONCE in the past 4.5 years I’ve been there!

Gnite chicks!



…..didn’t turn out quite like I had planned…about 330 pm I had a glass of milk and quite a few chocolate kisses…and I got an upset stomach..felt really queasy..probably the chocolate telling me I’ve had enough! I led down had a said don’t worry about cooking supper…instead he went and got Mcd’s. I REALLY have to get back on the wagon and be more careful with food…I am maintaining and allowing myself the occasional treat meal..but lately it seems like I am just eating whatever.

I had completely forgotten that last night we were invited to bf’s uncles house. His gf turned 50 today and they were having a party. I couldn’t care less to go because she is a teeny bit of snob (perhaps extremely high maintenance is the word) and some of her friends are…Uncle practically begged us to go..I think because everyone else was friends of gf and not really of him. I went on one was NOT to abandon me and go off with his uncle. He did pretty good and stuck by my side. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be…just not my cup of or my kind of people…I guess it doesn’t help that there was an age difference between me and them.

Anywho…I am awake..I just had a Curves granola bar..half cup of skim milk..and a few chocolates..I want them OUT of the house..but it serously kills me to throw out chocolate!

I am going to go to Zumba tonight..try out the new certified instructor! I think if I didn’t exercise I’d be gaining back everything I eat…I HAVE TO EXERCISE!

Oh..there was no romantic bubble bath after..we got home at 1am and i was ready for bed!

8:47-Oh Patty I wish all chocolates weren’t allowed to have the nutritional info on them…and they came in small you could eat them and not feel so bad but not go

Went to Zumba tonight..taught by the new certified Spanish instructor…oh my word..she was awesome! The music was more current and upbeat and it was so much fun. I’m in love with Zumba altogether. Is it obsessive to go to the gym most nights/days? or should I just go 3 times a week? The thing is that I thoroughly enjoy it…working out makes me feel so good! My bf has jokingly said that i’m obsessed..perhaps because i’m never home! haha

Happy Love Day!!! xo

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I have been stressing to bf how imp Valentine’s Day is to me…he is really the least romantic guy i’ve ever dated..however he is the nicest/sweetest and most caring. He has always done something for Valentine’s Day but i was still afraid he would forget! Well..first thing this morning he surprised me in bed with a bouquet of daisies and other flowers, two kinds of chocolates, low fat and a movie! I was seriously beyond impressed. I made him breakfast in bed and gave him the card I made, the framed photo of us I put together (had a pic printed with hearts around it) and Reeses Peanut Butter cups that he loves. I am also going to make him supper tonight with a bubble bath/wine for us! Yay i know too much…

To make this all health conscious..I forced myself to go to aqua aerobics this morning…I am ready for a nap now!

I just ate half that can of pringles…boooooooooo!

Have a great day and show someone how much you love them!!

Angela xoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Is it Friday yet??

Well I’m glad that someone out there is still reading my blogs…Someone had commented on yesterday’s blog about progress pics..Here is a link to a thread I started on 3FC. There are also some pics throughout this blog..just might have to do a little digging..sorry!

Today was good…went to Zumba had so much fun! Food was good..had corn bran cereal for dinner :-(…baked a VDAY cake the the children!!! Going out for supper tomorrow w/ a coworker ( she works at a different location and I haven’t seen her in quite some time)…Going to a place called “Pasta Plus” I think!


Anyways chicks have a great night!

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