Snow Much Snow!

Snow Snow stay the heck away! We’re expecting 5-10 cms tonight with some freezing rain and tomorrow a whopping 20-30 cms….INSANE! My apartment is in the basement of a house…no im not underground and i have windows…etc….however my stair well is not enclosed and when the wind blows the snow drifts like crazy in my doorway. I remember one night my sis and I had to go out shovelling at 1am in fear of getting snowed in..the snow was 3/4 up the door! I had to stand in my porch….with the shovel and throw the snow up over the rail..intense! Finally we managed to crawl out over the snow and close the door…the porch soaked by this time…I am PRAYING this doesn’t happen tomorrow!

To make this somehow “diet” related..I will look at  the snow as great exercise…gonna build up those arm muscles if anything!

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  1. patty on February 2nd, 2009

    I can’t imagine shoveling snow and then having to throw it up over the rail! Yes, that definitely counts as an intense workout!

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