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Snow Much Snow!

Snow Snow stay the heck away! We’re expecting 5-10 cms tonight with some freezing rain and tomorrow a whopping 20-30 cms….INSANE! My apartment is in the basement of a house…no im not underground and i have windows…etc….however my stair well is not enclosed and when the wind blows the snow drifts like crazy in my doorway. I remember one night my sis and I had to go out shovelling at 1am in fear of getting snowed in..the snow was 3/4 up the door! I had to stand in my porch….with the shovel and throw the snow up over the rail..intense! Finally we managed to crawl out over the snow and close the door…the porch soaked by this time…I am PRAYING this doesn’t happen tomorrow!

To make this somehow “diet” related..I will look at  the snow as great exercise…gonna build up those arm muscles if anything!

Happy Saturday!

I haven’t done aquafit in a long time..since b4 xmas..I think I’m going to go today..Just because lately there’s usually a 4 day gap in my exercise so I need to do something! Bf and I went out for supper last night and believe me when i say i over indulged…we had a Spinach dip with pita and nacho chips for an appetizer..and I had a Spanish burrito with caesar salad for my meal….bf had fish and My stomach literally hurt after..another good reason for wanting to go to the gym today.

Weight yesterday morning was 141.5…I find that by Monday morning…or after the break in weight is down a little but goes up after I exercise Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday by Thursday its up a lb or so..not a big deal but just odd..perhaps I am retaining water for the muscles I worked..I do Zumba Monday and Wed nights and Kickboxing Tuesday nights…but I find that by Thursday..after the last Zumba class I am sore..but not sore on Wednesday from the kickboxing…which is the more difficult of the workouts..crazy!

ugh..supposed to be ANOTHER snowstorm tomorrow here..15cms of blowing door is always snowed in…thank god dear bf is home to help shovel…Last year it was just myself and sis (when she wasn’t too lazy to help) and now the 3 of us..and Sis has yet to lift a shovel this year…why bother when someone else will do it…simply must be her attitude….

Anyways i gotta take off…gonna eat a banana and some oatmeal for breakfast..let my stomach know that I haven’t lost all

Toodles Noodles!


2:53pm- went to water decided to drop me off and go visit his forgetful when we get half way I realize that I grabbed my purse NOT my gym bag came back to get it….and then got in the changeroom and realized I forgot my water bottle in the damn forgetful!..I HAVE to have my water…anyways I got thru it..just tried not to overdo it to the point where I’d desperately need a drink. I told bf that I’d just rinse off and throw clothes back on over bathing suit..i know i know..not a good thing…and go on home to shower/ change..(the changeroom is so dang crowded afterwards).

Got in says that his uncle was up late last night and just got up about 20 mins ago…..and he was halfway thru a coffee with his uncle….I got pretty pissed at him saying i’m wearing a wet friggin suit and have to go in their fancy shmancy house with no bra and underwear on…I wanted to drop him off and go home/shower and come back..he vowed it would be only be about ten-15 i gave in. Bf is downstairs w/ uncle for a while and comes up to make a second coffee.. by this time my butt is soaked and i’m fuming..holding in my frustration because uncle’s la di da gf was there..anyways told him i wanted to go……and he said just a min..helping his uncle put an ad online to sell something…I honestly dislike visiting is a a computer tech and usually our visits always run long because they want him to fix this or that or some crap.

Anyways by the time we left i told him i was dying to pee and holding it in..refusing to go in and take off a damp suit in their house to pee and try to get back i drove home like a madwoman and ran to the washroom and finally feel nice and fresh after a shower. Now I honestly want to do nothing more than relax in my pj’s. Lesson learned: I take car to aqua visit uncle on his own time…or take change of clothes for next time. Perhaps I was being to easy on him and shoulda absolutely demanded to go home like some diva…..but I didn’t want him to not show back up to his house and them guess that I didn’t let him..I’m always worried about what others think :-(.