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Well..went to Kickboxing tonight..sort of like cardio/aerobic kickboxing…and in order to do a class there has to be 3 people…so at the beginning there were only two of us…we were like oh no…anyways Mary..the unbelievable teacher at the gym..said she’d go ahead and do some stuff with us anyways..Luckily in walks two others a little bit late..So 4 of us TOTAL! Felt like I had my own personal trainer! She was so excited and really kept saying how good I was doing..YAHOO! Even though 3/4 into the the class I felt like I was gonna pass out..but as she had us jogging around I said to myself “I’m UNSTOPPABLE..I got THIS far on my own and I’m capable of anything” so I pushed forth and kept going………I don’t think I’ve ever burned so many calories in my life. I came home and showing bf some moves we were doing..I think he was…In the changeroom after Mary said I should do the Group Centergy class…a combo of weight training and other stuff..not really sure..but she seemed to think I should do it..hmm…perhaps I’m her fitness guinea pig..I’d LOVE to be!!!!!!!!!!

I┬áhope we get more people to do the┬áKickboxing class..if not they might cancel :(. Also found out via Mary that we’re going to have a new certified Zumba instructor starting next week and the classes will be Sun, Mon and Wed, instead of the regular Mon and Wed..yay! one more night!!!!

This exercise seriously makes me feel like I’m on some sort of high..and I honestly don’t know or care to know how it feels to be It’s just a feel good

So proud to say that for sup I ate a WW meal ( Santa Fe beans and RIce..yummo) and bought bf a slice of pizza..and NONE for me!

Have a great night!

ONE more great thing to share..weight this morning was 140.5 again however for a split second it went to 139.5…I couldn’t believe my eyes…When I get to 140 that will mean I’ve lost a grand total of 90lbs and will have reached my goal!!!!! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Hope you ladies have a fantastic night!