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Just checking out my gym schedule..there’s a Kick box class taught at 530 and a Centergy class (combo of tai chi/yoga and pilates) class at 630. I THINK i’d enjoy the kick box class more than all the yoga stuff..just coz i enjoy more cardio…hmm hopefully my sneakers will not be borrowed/stolen tonight …I think she got a fair warning yesterday though.

Have a lovely day!

9pm…tried the Kickboxing tonight at the gym..what a full blown cardio workout….whoo hoo! Mary my fave aquafit instructor taught it and she is just unbelievable (she taught an hour of and tai chi class RIGHT after our class). I am definitely going to go again…I am so proud of myself for trying all these new classes…a year ago i’d have ZERO nerve to do so………AND one of my best friends who is very gym that make sense?? she is going to come to zumba with me tomorrow night to give it a shot and perhaps join the gym..i’ll have to drive to pick her up and drop her off but hey its a buddy!