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happy happy day

going to zumba in half an hour..(..Forget Zumba…Ten minutes before the Zumba class is about to begin and I am leaving the house i discover that my sister borrowed something ELSE without asking ( after i told her twice last week to not do this)…my Adidas sneakers……….I was LIVID…..I called her work and her response was to go over and exchange..i don’t have damn time and have nothing else to wear) I am at my last rope with her..she is iressponsible/ careless ( almost catching stove on fire, oven left on all dryer left going etc) and doesn’t take any responsibility for the apartment ( cleaning, paying bills, buying household items..i take full initiative to do all of this and usually i have to repeatedly ask for her help/money) and now she is into borrowing my crap without asking..fully knowing i may need it… i want her out and i feel trapped. I’m also PMSing and on an emotional roller coaster…crying last night, snapping at a coworker today, crying tonight over sneakers and people taken advantage of…i was so stressed that since supper i had two glasses of wine ( with  a bubble bath), a 60 calorie chocolate stick, mini rice cakes AND a 70 calorie chocolate fudge stick.

Blogged earlier in the evening—so excited..just bought new black stretch pants…needed new ones and i hate having to go change into my capri exercise pants at the gym..just easier to wear these from home.

weight this morning was! in a good way…after the weekend of not being on plan..seems like I lose when i’m taking a break from all the ‘healthy stuff’..well for  a few days anyways..

have a great night!


no time to capitalize any a hurry.. to get to a Zumba class that I didn’t get to..yay oh and by the way you can totally forget today’s title….i was happy to be going to zumba and buying new pants for it….just forget it.