oh what a wonderful weekend!

Back from our trip “around the bay” –what we Newfoundlander’s refer to as the small communties around the island…all near the water..lol…Bf’s mother/father and sister (one of) moved home from Alberta for a few months and we went out to his house. I didn’t stay on plan but didn’t go crazy eating either. I was too shy to ask for boiled eggs instead of fried and to decline the bacon..oh mys…of course bf was too absent minded to realize this and speak up for me or say something. His parents went out last night and bought some expensive steaks and lots of salads…I don’t usually eat steak..IF it is pink I cannot eat it..it really turns my stomach….and of course he doesn’t speak up to say..um..mom Angela doesn’t like steaks much…so I asked him to ask her could it be well done…I even felt bad asking for that…god…anyways I ate it and got through it….wasn’t that bad actually…thank GOD! I just hate being picky about something because I don’t want to come off as ungrateful. I just wish people would ask if others like what you’re going to serve….yup i’m selfish…………

I cannot believe the weekend is over! Back to work tomorrow and Zumba in the evening..whoo hoo!

Have a great evening!


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