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Happy friday to you!

YAY I love Friday’s..Two whole days of freedom from the! This morning’s weight…142 exactly! whoo hoo! I was looking over my weigh in’s since October and I think I’m pretty much maintaining….my weight ranges from 140-145..which I’m totally fine with!

Yesterday after work I went to the gym…walked around the track for 20 mins (speed walked) and then used two of the machines for the inner and outer thighs..I wish i could remember how to use more. I REALLY need to do the orientation class for the gym…a trainer will spend 45mins going around and demonstrating machines and we get to try them all out. I was so proud yesterday…picked Burger King up for my bf…I didn’t order a thing! I admit I had two of his fries and a bite of his burger..that was enough. I ate a leane cuisine and a lot of steamed

Alrighty off to the zoo….oops i mean a great weekend!