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Snow snow go away!

Ok so there is NO snow yet….we’re expecting blowing snow and rain this afternoon………all the schools have already said they’re not opening. My boss has a policy that she DOESN’T close….which is insane..for parents who are doctors/nurses etc. Anyways I have to open the centre this morning and I thought I’d have to shovel my way out the house and in the daycare—thank god it’s not started yet!!!!

Breakfast was a whole wheat body wise bagel(very similar to weight watchers but just from Dempster’s) and fat free cream cheese…with a cup of peppermint green tea..yum.

Lunch I am bringing a pear, yogurt and an egg white omellete with green peppers in a whole wheat wrap with salsa. IF I were doing points that would be 7 points until I get off at 4. I think I am going to starve..Perhaps I’ll take some celery sticks along.

Have a great day chicks! And if you have any snow I sympathize with you and the shovelling/ chaos it creates.


4:00pm-Home from work..left at 3 and got home..helped bf finished shovelling…….ohh soo yucky..thankfully a neighbour plowed out the front of the car ( I got a ride w/ a coworker because I hate driving in this). I’m quite thankful however I’ve been here 3 winters and this is the first winter with my bf living home or here……….and the first time someone has helped…up until now it was just me and my sis and we did all of the shovelling…oh well “THANK YOU” whoever did it..we have no idea!

I just called the gym and all classes are cancelled……just the regular gym is opened..and the track..I COULD go and walk/jog but i’m not sure.

Joy..I really like these the beginning I found it a HUGE adjustment going from the regular sized raisin bagels to a whole wheat smaller one. I have tried the WW bagels and they’re quite similar. I’ve never seen or heard of ww yogurt…I buy the danone silhoutte yogurts…they about 35 calories each and with Splenda..I love them!

Violentgirlx….where are you from? We got about ten centimetres…at first it was calling for 25-30! However our winds were VERY high and it blew snow everywhere. I live in a basement apartment and my bf had to go out and shovel the stairwell TWICE up to his waist! THEN on top of the snow we got RAIN……………..and the temps warmed up…so the snow was very heavy to shovel :-(…and now there will be nothing but a huge mess! The bagels are 2 pts. If you live in Canada, at Superstore they sell a really high fibre (6gms) cinnamon raisin bagel….they’re the store brand, President’s Choice and they are delicious. I’m not sure if they’re 2-3 pts. Yep I hear ya with the costs…the bread costs a fortune…all ww stuff does! I find that the the ww frozen meals cost a LOT more than regular brands but if you compare the two (which I’ve done) they have the same fat/calories/fibre and sometimes the other brands are lower points!