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Diet coke you are my addiction….:(

Had a great day today food wise…supper was rice with egg whites scrambled in it..and TONS of veggies (onion, celery, carrots, beans, yellow and red peppers, broccoli and spinach) and a grilled chicken breast.

This morning’s weight was 145. I’m up FIVE lbs since Boxing Day! How the hell did I manage to lose 2lbs over Xmas and get down to 140.5 and now be up almost 5lbs??? Perhaps the break in the gym put me here and the eating out a lot more than I have in months. But I’m trying to tell myself that after a while it’s NOT about a simple number…it’s about knowing that I am living a healthy lifestyle and having healthy habits…eating lots of fruits and veggies/ drinking a LOT of water and exercising. I am also trying to portion out my food as I’ve always. I worked my butt off for over a year and have lost over 80lbs. I feel great and I know I’m going to stay this way!

Wore my skinny jeans today with my new “Peter Pan” brown suede boots….(the girls at work kept calling them Peter pan boots and loved them..whoo hoo Walmart 16.97). I felt a bit awkward wearing skinny jeans and always swore i’d NEVER wear them. But guess what……….I deserve to wear skinny jeans! Even though I feel my butt is a bit too big for

Have a great night! Looking forward to Zumba again tomorrow night! whoo hooooooooooooo!


Forgot to mention two things:

One thing I’ve been working at lately is trying to not pick at / eat some of the food I serve the children. For months I’ve done so well at this but lately it’s “oh well it’s only a bowl of mac n cheese..i can have it” um NO you can’t..perhaps why i’m up 5. Yesterday and today right before lunch I put a piece of gum in my mouth and this helped SO MUCH! Going to keep doing this until I get back to where I was.

Had so much fun at work the kids (8) bundled up in the snow pants/hats, mittens etc……and because our daycare is on a huge parking lot (church..hardly any traffic) I took them to a  HUGE snow bank..pile of snow..and we had so much fun climbing to the top and sliding down on our bums..then we went to the backyard of the daycare and they all kept trying to tackle and push me in the snow..ok so I let them……I cannot believe the energy I have now with them compared to two years ago…ohhhhhhhh one MORE thing……….my snowpants are an XL MEN’s! I remember TWO winters ago I could barely do them up..I swear to God………..Last winter I could get them done up just right..little loose…….and now it looks like i’m wearing one of those fat suits…the ones you see in the movies…….it is hanging off me!!!!!! whoo hooo