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“oooh ahh just a little bit, ooh ahh just a little bit more!”

I dunno why that is my title..I’m just singing it in my head……..oh dear boyfriend just got a call letting him know he could be going back to work the next 4 weeks…part of me was used to having him around and I do miss him terribly when he’s gone but another part of me is so glad…I’m extremely independant and I love doing my own thing…going wherever I want (and no he doesn’t dictate where i go)..and so on.For instance IF he was away tonight I’d probably would’ve done the Zumba from 6-7 and then Aqua aerobics from 8-9. But I try to be considerate and not spend all my free time doing things such as gym/babysitting. You all know when you’re in a committed relationship and you live together you just can’t do things according to how you always want to do them..There’s someone else to think about as well. Hmm…….yup so that pretty much sums it up–I have a very selfish part!

 I think I deserve to feel selfish after my last horrible relationship..My self esteem was next to nothing…I was treated like a maid/personal cook. I DON’T THINK SO! ( No offense to anyone who is the traditional woman..but I’m just not)  Literally I felt like I was worthless and used….When I was with my ex my grandfather passed away…and I remember leaving his funeral thinking life is too short to put up with such shit and be treated this way. I would never want to leave this earth unhappy.

He passed away early April and by the end of June I told the unappreciative jerk I was moving..packed my stuff and got out!

Anyways enough about my past…Just wanted to show you all why I am selfish…lol..I’ve never really had the opportunity to BE selfish and I think for once I deserve to be! After losing this weight and beginning this journey I began to realize that I am worth something..I AM a person and I deserve to be and feel the best!

As you may have read above I did Zumba again tonight..It was so awesome!!!!!!!!!! I am in love! I can feel it in my legs and arms and I did break a sweat.. I tried to not focus on the steps as much and just have fun!

Also went to the grocery store on the way home…bought so many groceries..we have so much food here for the two of us that it’s unbelievable (My younger sister who lives here as well buys her own..we agreed upon this a LONG time ago simply because she bought a lot of crap and I thought I was wasting my own money) I bought some pears and peaches instead of the usual clementines and gala apples. I also got bananas..I love them so much.

Yep this sure is a long blog…exercising is like a ‘high’ lol..oh mys…makes me feel so alive and upbeat!

Whoo hoooooooooo! Can’t wait until Wed’s Zumba again!