Archive for January 11th, 2009

Fun day!

Getting ready to go to the mall for a day with my bestest girl buds. Not sure if we’re gonna have lunch or dinner together but we are going to see the movie “Bride Wars” and do a little shopping….oooh how i love girl time!

Food so far today was a yogurt..boiled egg and two slices of WW bread toasted with a little light cheese whiz. I just had a Curves granola bar for a snack. Not sure what I’m going to have for lunch/ dinner…depends on where we’re going. One restaurant we go to has a Santa Fe Salad that I may get. If it’s the food court I may get Extreme Pita ( which I find a little expensive…wrap, drink and baked chips or 11.60! Or I’ll get a wrap somewhere

have a good day chicks!