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Saturday :)

Oh dear lord… and I decided last night to have pizza…and I wanted nachos…(Fridays are my treat night) and my stomach was in so much pain after I ate. I ate too much and lately I’ve been having some ‘stomach’ issues…bloated and not really able to ‘use’ the washroom. I eat TONS of fibre so i’m not sure what is going on. However I’ve noticed in the past that when I eat lots of lettuce/salads this happens..and this week I ate a lot of it.

My weight yesterday was 144.5. I think I’m okay in the 140-145 lb range. I’m not going to focus so much on an actual number…it causes too much stress and it should be about eating healthy and exercising. Knowing that I’m doing those two things should be the focus NOT the number on the scale which I think I’ve put too much emphasize on in the past few months.

I called the gym this morning to see if aquafit was going ahead and she said the pool was STILL closed but reopening on Monday. I hope this is true!

Have a great weekend chicks!

1:45pm…Does anyone HATE tedious cleaning such as I do?? Just cleaned out closet/reogranizing and getting rid of some crap…some shoes I have are even too big since I’ve lost weight! Gonna throw out the old, scruffy ones and give the good ones to a friend/coworker..whoever wants Boyfriend is cleaning up all the collected junk lying around…receipts…:S. I also just did something that I’ve been putting off for a long time. Cleaned out my underwear drawer..haha………Good bye XL granny panties..and supersize bras! whoo hoooooooooooooooooo..Feels good to get rid of CRAP!