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the verdict!

Well I did my first Zumba class tonight and it was awesome!!!!!!!!..although I was as uncooridinated as a new born…but the music was awesome!! I didn’t break a big ol sweat but i’m thinking mostly because i was too focused on the steps. The instructor had the dimmed lights so hopefully no one could see…although I’m sure I wasn’t the only one feeling this way..ooh and my awesome aquafit instructor-Mary (60-something!) was there taking the class too! We even did a little Puerto Rican hip hop! whoo hooo!

When I arrived home from work my boyfriend was insisting we go out to eat we went to A&W..I had a grilled chicken (even whole wheat buns..I was impressed!) with a side salad and light ranch dressing. So of course I was rushing through eating…angry at him for wanting to go out..if I had stayed home I would’ve had lots of time to eat my Luine Cuisine & steamed veggies and get ready to go…oh mys..I know…relationships are all about compromise :S. Anyways I got to the gym at 5:58pm! (The class began at 6) so I was just in time!

I will definitely do Zumba again next Wednesday..even though it is taught Monday evenings as well I will still stick to the aqua aerobics Monday night…I don’t think I can do the 6-7 Zumba AND the aerobics at 8-9. I don’t want to hang out around the gym for an hour and physically i’d be exhausted!