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Feeling good about tomorrow!

Things are back to normal tomorrow—-Starting Aquafit…work is back to normal as well (all the children are back to school and back from xmas holidays). I am thinking of tomorrow as a fresh start. I am debating doing the 20 pts again (which isn’t sometimes very many calories) or counting calories…The Daily Plate takes time and some days I don’t have much of it :-(.

Supper today was rainbow trout (much like salmon) baked in the oven and a ‘light’ caesar salad (Low calorie dressing, turkey bacon, romaine lettuce and a handful of croutons). I am in love with seafood and could honestly live off it…well most seafood.

I bought some raisin flax bran muffins at the grocery store and I’m in love with them..although they’re 200 calories each, 1.5gms of fat ( I think!) and 5gms of fibre. I try to eat lots of fibre however the Quaker weight control oatmeal is getting a little boring…Not sure if it’s a good thing that I ate TWO muffins today…one was for breakfast (lunch time) and one at 8pm…. I didn’t eat a LOT today so I think it was ok.

Have a great night chickies!


(I’m not sure it’s such a good thing that I’ve mentioned I’m in love with so many foods..I can’t help it..I love a lot of