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sleepy Saturday

Gosh i’m so tired today…..all the late nights over Xmas catching up on me. This morning’s weigh in..142.5…thank GOD it’s going back

Today’s food so far..

-Healthy Egg McMuffin (whole wheat muffin, 2 egg whites, 1 slice of chicken bacon, thin layer of light cheez whiz)

-Curves Peanut Chocolate chip granola bar (these are amazing!)

So thats it so far..I need to eat some fruit I sure what supper will be. We’re expecting a snow storm and I’m trying to find the energy to get out and get some groceries before it’s too yucky!


9:30pm- Had a lean cuisine for supper w/ steamed veggies….TWO brownie chocolate cookies for dessert….I need to get back on track and say no to the evil chocolate….and a high fibre bran muffin for a snack. Just ate a few of bf’s potatoe chips but told him to stay away from me. I cannot WAIT til he goes back away working (hopefully March) It’s so much easier to do this when he is away. I know I will not buy chips/cookies when he’s gone but I know that when he’s here it’s not fair for me to tell him he can’t have it….argh…Lately he’s been cooking a lot of different rice dishes ( off the top of his head) and he gets really offended when i won’t have or try any. Had a great heart to heart earlier and told him how much this upsets me..I even cried……..IF I wanted rice i’d make it my own way..not loaded with soya sauce and sauces…grossssssssssssss. Hopefully he understands now. I honestly have never liked his

My new years resolution was to try new/different classes at the gym. I am thinking I will stick to the Monday aquafit..hell I can’t stop going to Mary’s class, she’s incredible…However on Tues there is Yoga and on Thurs there is Chi Yoga (both taught by Mary!!!) Also on Wed night I was thinking of trying the Zumba dance class..which is Monday as well but I will not sacrifice the water class. I do find the Wed water instructor a little routine/boring so I was thinking I’ll give it up and give the dancing a try…What the heck is Zumba (note to self– Anyways, Mary told everyone that it is a lot of fun and a good workout..exactly what i’m looking for. Here is what I was thinking………

Monday-Aqua aerobics  



Thursday-Chi Yoga

Friday-take a break!

Saturday-Aqua aerobics

Sunday…There is a running water class that seems interesting…not sure

The yoga I’m kind of scared of..I know I’m flexible but I’m not sure…I need more self confidence. I will speak to Mary about it Monday night and see what it involves..difficulty level as well as what I need to bring. 

That’s it for now!

Just found a link for Zumba on Youtube…WOW looks awesome! So excited!!  Check it out!