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Happy New year

Happy New Year Chicks!

Well the “chocolate free day” after my binge went quite well..I didn’t eat any chocolates at work at all…However a boy who used to attend my preschool invited me to visit and he gave me a Lindt or Lindor Chocolate snow man..I cracked off a tiny piece and ate that. That was it!

New Year’s Eve I extremely over did it with food and booze…..wings/shrimp (not so bad), thin crust multrigrain chicken pizza (what I, hashbrown casserole, nachos and dip.the list goes on……yup i over did it.

Weight is back up to 144. I cannot WAIT for the pool to reopen on Monday…I am dying to get back into aquafit! I was wondering today if I should put a hold on my account next summer because I walk a lot during those months..I’m not sure..perhaps for July/August.

Have a great weekend–I just packed up the Christmas decorations and took down the tree….I’m so happy in a way to have the holidays over with and start fresh on Monday.

Have a great weekend chicks!