busy day!

Well I’m exhausted..worked from 730-4……and had a hair appt right after work ( a coworker told me about her hair dresser who does hair at her house for HALF price of salon.)..so I went and I am so impressed! about 25 foils in my hair and I am now almost 100% blonde whoo hoo! So after foils and a cut it was only $60!!! Also for the first time I’m impressed with what I had done..MOST timesĀ  I come home from a salon and notice a spot they missed!

Santa party at work was INSANE! He was a little late ( he is the owners brother who is a lawyer and got stuck in court..lol) but he did an amazing job with the children! The parents did quite well bringing in “healthy” treats….blueberry muffins, 3 fruit trays, homemade sandwiches etc…MUCH better than cupcakes/cookies. Our cook did make two kinds of cookies for the children to have a few treats…and I admit I didn’t do too well….I had a few myself :-(.

I have SO many appreciative parents who gave me lots of Xmas cards and presents…it’s nice to be shown how much you are valued.

Alrighty well off to relax for a minute before I head off to my best friend’s house for our gift exchange!

Merry Christmas!


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